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That is great, thanks Lynn! I wil pass it on to our O&M instructors : )

PS - thanks for al your help with the newsletter mailout yesterday!

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> FYI. Just thought some would find this article interesting.
> Carmakers Agree to Make Electric Cars Noisier.
> by Peter Valdes-Dapena.
> NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- Automakers and advocates for the blind have
> agreed on a plan to address an unintended problem caused by electric and
> hybrid cars: They endanger sight-impaired and distracted pedestrians
> because
> they make no noise when running on electric power.
> The groups joined together to present Congress with a proposal for
> minimum
> noise levels that future electric cars would have to make.
> Sometimes even sighted pedestrians can be unaware of the cars' approach:
> "As
> a person who walks my dog in Virginia, where there are no sidewalks,
> I've
> been startled by hybrid cars, too," said Gloria Bergquist, vice
> president of
> the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers.
> If you watch Weeds, you know that 4 out of 5 gangsters and drug dealers
> prefer the Prius for stealthy drive-by shootings. (SP).
> A study done last year by the National Highway Traffic Safety
> Administration
> showed that hybrid cars tend to hit pedestrians more often than other
> cars
> in situations where the approaching car cannot be seen.
> The AAM, along with the Association of International Automobile
> Manufacturers, the American Council for the Blind and the National
> Federation for the Blind, presented Congress with suggested language
> that
> could become part of the Motor Safety Act of 2010, a bill now moving
> through
> Congress that would create a host of new auto safety rules.
> The proposed language would have NHTSA create a new safety standard for
> electrically powered cars involving some sort of minimum sound required
> when
> operating at low speeds. At higher speeds, wind and tire noise are
> typically
> enough to make the car detectable.
> The sound couldn't be just anything. For instance, vehicle owners would
> not
> be able to "customize" the sound of their car the same way they can
> download
> ringtones for cell phones. That's specifically prohibited in the
> proposed
> rule. Instead, car manufacturers would provide an approved sound or set
> of
> sounds for a given make and model of car.
> It would be up to NHTSA to set the minimum noise level a vehicle would
> have
> to make at givens speeds and to determine what sort of sounds would be
> allowed. The sounds would need to communicate something about the car's
> speed and acceleration, just as the sound of a rumbling gasoline engine
> does.
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