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Subject: TCB meeting with city.

Hi Brian,

Ref our phone call a few minutes ago.  I just got off the phone with Mrs. 
stokley and advised her on the information you gave basically saying that the 
city was going to set up a meeting with TCB to discuss all aspects of problems 
with Star Metro.  IN the request that was made to the city by TCB, they 
outlined 10 questions they wanted to address pertaining to Dial A Ride and the 
non sponsored service.  Since the city has decided to open the meeting to all 
problems with Star Metro I have requested Mrs. stokley to open the meeting up 
not only to TCB members but to visually impaired citizens and the local NFB 
chapter which she is going to request..

Unless some one left a message on Mrs. stokley's home phone to day, she hasn't 
been advised of a meeting next week.

Also in the original request TCB outlined certain time lines for responses and 
meetings with the city.  You stated that the city was going to meet with TCB 
next week,  Mrs. stokley is under the impression the meeting wouldn't occur 
until some time next month.  It is apparent that the city didn't read the 
request carefully and has decided to broaden the scope much larger than 
requested.  If this is the case it isn't fare to other organizations and 
individual citizens to be left out of the loop.

I don't think it would  be very productive to address all issues in a single 
meeting and am at a loss what this has to do with our original plan to discuss 
forming an accessibility action plan.  It also disturbs me that the city would 
step in and prevent any meeting to discuss the action plan. Out of the people 
who were going to participate in the meeting, only one is a member of TCB and 
mainly consisted of blind citizens who are trying to use a non accessible bus 
system.  I urge you to pass this message along to who ever advised you to put a 
halt to the meeting that was planned for Monday.

Thanks Robert

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