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Hopefully more companies will label their products in Braille. Bandaid does
and it is very helpful.

Starbucks to offer Braille gift cards year-round
> By Gregory Wallace  @CNN Money October 2, 2013: 5:34 PM ET
> A Braille gift card will become a regular at the Starbucks registers, 
> the company announced Wednesday.
> The card was introduced in September 2011, and has previously been 
> available in limited runs during October, which is designated as the 
> disability employment awareness month. It will now be part of the 
> chain's permanent gift card lineup.
> On the face of the card is Braille lettering that reads "Starbucks" to 
> help customers differentiate it from the other cards in their wallets 
> or purse.
> The card was originally introduced at the urging of disability advocates.
> On Wednesday, Starbucks said it was asked to offer the card year-round 
> by a mother who said her blind daughter appreciates the independence 
> the card gives her.
> Kim Charlson of the Braille Authority of North America said she was 
> not aware of any other companies offering a Braille gift card.
> The Seattle-based chain has been the subject of several 
> disability-related lawsuits, including objections to the height of 
> their counters and the stores' hospitality towards deaf individuals.

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