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Any one interested in a pet?

See below:

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                         AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION NOW
                        Class 6 of Paws In Prison  
                        We are pleased to partner with Capital ARK, Best 
Friends Dog Rescue, Cauzican, St. Joseph Bay Humane Society as well as Gadsden 
County Humane Society in offering you these wonderful dogs. They are available 
for adoption TODAY and will be ready to go to their forever homes on July 31st. 
 They are crate trained, house trained, leash trained and know basic obedience. 
 The adoption fee starts at $180 which includes chipping, 30 days free health 
insurance and a DVD showing you what the successful behavior looks like, ie. 
sit, stay, wait, come.  All dogs are up to date on all vaccines, are heartworm 
negative and are spay/neutered. 
                        Call Cathy at 850-264-4511 for more information or to 
meet any of these wonderful dogs. 
                              Age:  1 year
                              Gender:  M 
                               Breed: Minpin mix
                              Sam is a little shy and has never been away from 
his brother. He is gentle and playful. He would love to stay in your lap! 
                              Age:  10 months
                              Gender:  M
                              Breed: Lab mix 
                              Dundee is very smart and gentle for such a young 
dog.  He is great with other dogs and loves to be around people like YOU! 
                              AGE: 1 year
                              Gender:  M
                              Breed: Minpin mix 
                              Max is Sam's big brother. He is energetic and 
likes to boss his brother. Max is smart and patient.
                              Age:  1 year
                              Gender:  F
                              Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback mix 
                              Zuri has tons of energy and loves to play tug. 
She is great with children and other dogs. 
                              Age:  6 years
                              Gender:  M
                              Breed:  Walker Hound 
                              Jojo is very calm and quiet. He is very happy 
just laying around. He is wonderful around children. 
                              Age:  1 year
                              Gender:  M
                              Breed: Bull mix 
                              Blaze loves to play with other dogs. He is a bit 
shy around people is very sensitive. He is a snuggle bug once you gain his 
                              Age:  10 months
                              Gender: M
                              Breed: Choc.Lab 
                              Walter has a goofy photo becuase he is so happy 
and  energetic.  He loves to run, fetch and play ball.  
                              Age:  9 months
                              Gender:  M
                              Breed:  Bl. Lab mix
                              Warren was named after Warren Beatty because he's 
so gorgeous. He is very well mannered and can go anywhere. He LOVES toys. 
                              PHOTO COMING SOON 

                              Age:  5 years
                              Gender:  M
                              Breed:  Heinz 57 
                               Butch lived at the end of a rope for 2 years 
before being rescued. In spite of that, he is calm and loving. He is the 
esaiest dog I have ever met.  
                              Age:  1.5 years
                              Gender:  F
                              Breed: Yellowlab/hound mix 
                              Alice is VERY smart and quick. She loves to play 
and is high energy. She gets along great with other dogs.  
                              Age:  1.5 years
                              Gender:  F
                              Breed:  Lab mix 
                              Georgia is so named because she lived in a 
Georgia brand boot box for the first 8 months of her life. She has lots of fun 
and  loves to play.  
                              Age:  10 months
                              Gender: F
                              Breed:  Black Lab mix
                              Tess is a timid and gentle girl. She bonds easily 
with people and loves to play with other dogs. Running and fetching are 2 of 
her favorite things. 
                        We need your help. If you cannot adopt, please think 
about fostering. After graduation, we don't want these trained dogs that have 
not been adopted to have to go back into a shelter situation.  All food and  
medical care would be provided by Paws in Prison. We need YOU to supply the 


                        Cathy Sherman
                        Paws In Prison
                          If you have room in your heart, but not in your home, 
please help us help the dogs and the inmates. Your tax deductable contribution 
pays for treats, food, and medical care.   

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