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Sense Navigation Version 2010 is Now Available
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Subject: Sense Navigation Version 2010 is Now Available

GW Micro is pleased to announce the release of Sense Navigation version 2010, 
allowing Sense notetaker users the ability to optimize their travel experience 
with new maps, enhanced address searching, a history list, and much more.  
SenseNav 2010 is the much anticipated upgrade to SenseNav 2007 version 1.3    

In order to use SenseNav 2010, you must install the recently announced free 5.5 
version firmware for your specific Sense notetaker.                             

SenseNav 2010 is a program that uses the Sendero GPS SDK.  This program uses 
map data together with a GPS receiver, and gives information based on the map 
data.  With millions of points of interest, you can find anything from 
restaurants to hotels, to hospitals.  You can even add your own custom entries 
such as your home, your work, or a friend's home.  

SenseNav 2010 now features the Tele Atlas 2010 maps, which are compiled to work 
with any Sendero-based system.  Users of SenseNav 2010 now will have a more 
enriching and accurate experience exploring their environment while improving 
their location literacy.   

SenseNav 2010 gives users enhanced address search so that you can search by zip 
code instead of just by city name.  This makes it easier to search for 
addresses in areas where the city name is not correctly updated or in an area 
which has not been fully developed.  

Would you like to review your travel history?  SenseNav 2010 has added a 
history list that contains the last 25 items, including your initial GPS 
position, address, and Points Of Interest (POI) searches.  In addition, a 
favorites list lets you add frequently searched addresses and POIs so you can 
bring them up quickly without having to look them up. 

There are now three types of ways to find POIs. Nearby POIs list all POIs 
around you up to a quarter mile. Simple POIs let you specify a category and the 
name of the POI.  Advanced POIs allow you to specify the category, the 
direction, the starting distance of the POI, and in which field to search for 
the POI, such as name, address, street, or phone number.

Routes have been enhanced.  You now can customize how routes are created, such 
as whether to use a shorter distance or shorter time.  If you are taking a long 
trip, you can customize your route to use a highway, or you can customize your 
route to avoid highways all together.  You can even plan your route to use more 
right or left turns. 

Commercial POIs can be modified.  When you search for a POI and its information 
has changed or the POI is no longer there, you can modify it with new 
information, or you can delete it. 

Also included with SenseNav 2010 are enhanced replay files.  Now when you 
create a replay file, you can add annotations, or notes along the way.  They 
are announced when you play back the replay file.  You can also create a route 
based on a replay.  If annotations are added in the replay, they are used as 
waypoints when creating the route.

The retail price to upgrade to SenseNav 2010 is $99.  GW Micro will provide the 
key file and you can then download your own maps by going to www.gosendero.com.
If you would like GW Micro to create a new SD card for you with the maps and 
key, the cost is $149.  Additionally, if you want to upgrade your Sense 
notetaker to the new Sense 5.5 free firmware, but you don't want to upgrade 
your existing SenseNav 2007 to the new version, you need to install the older 
SenseNav after upgrading to version 5.5.  

For instructions on how to install SenseNav2007 after upgrading to the free 
firmware, go to  www.gwmicro.com/Support/Knowledge_Base/?kbnumber=GWKB1119.

For more information or to place your order for SenseNav 2010, please contact 
your local GW Micro dealer at www.gwmicro.com/Find_a_Dealer/.  Or, contact GW 
Micro at 260-489-3671 or send an email to orders@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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