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  • Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2009 13:01:13 -0500

I have completely with Scott's assessment that the MileStone would not
help you in locating items such as a bus stop; however, it has some many
capabilitiesx that it should not be seen as a competitor to SoundPost,
but an adjunct, as they each serve a need in helping blind people move
SoundPost, it should be remembered, is not particularly designed for
transit systems; it's designed to help us locate anything we're seeking,
and restrooms come right to mind!  so, I'd like to see it used all
through out city.


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        Hi all,
        I decided to forward this to the list.  Thought some of you
gadget freaks might be interested.
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        HI Scott,
        For the BookSense, go to gwmicro.com select the support link and
there you will find a link to join the list.
        As far as locating the stops, I think the tactile markings are
the best.  Also the RFID reader would also allow you to scan the RFID
tag once you located the stop for additional information.  The down side
is the units are currently priced at $449.00 but it also has a lot of
other features.  The digital recorder is very good and has shortcut
directories for to do, telephone numbers and Misc.  The volume is the
loudest I have heard for a digital book reader and the size is the
smallest.  As far as the Daisy reader, there needs to be some work done
there, and the authorization methods haven't been worked out with
Bookshare and NLS.  Another plus for the Milestone is, it is pretty
simple to use.  It only has 6 buttons.
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                Subject: Pavip Transport
                    I read your message on TABI and I wanted to tell you
that this system sounds extraordinary. If there's some way to get it
working around Tallahassee that would be amazing. It didn't sound to me
as though the system would be a help in actually finding the bus stops
like the device Chip brought to our attention would but a combination of
both devices could solve most of the mobility and transportation
problems for the visually impaired. Of course once the Pavip transport
system includes GPS technology and you could mark on a map where bus
stops are then I guess this is all the system you would need. Please
keep us informed about new developments with this system and any other
interesting adaptive technology you come in contact with. Thanks!
                Ps. Is there a mailing list for the Book Sense I can get
on to in order to keep abreast of any new developments in the software
for the machine so I know when to look for an update? 

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