[tabi] Fw: PAC Mate QX 400 OMNI with Extras for Sale for only $950.00

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A friend of many of us, I'm sure.

Asked me to have a look and pass this information out to the blind community as 
he is far too busy with his law practice to spend much time using it and would 
like to have it get some use!

See below:


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Subject: PAC Mate QX 400 OMNI with Extras for Sale for only $950.00

Hi Sir Charles,
I am selling my PAC Mate QX400 with extra goodies for only $950.00 (shipping 

  About what I am selling: 

Freedom Scientific's QX400 PAC Mate. With Latest Firmware V6.5

The unit is in perfect working order 

Power Charger

USB data cable (For connecting to a PC computer.)

 USB adapter (for connecting a jump drive or external hard drive to the Pac 



1.       Executive products INC case (Provides access to the PAC Mate while 
contained in the case for easy use while standing or on the go.) 


2.       Socket Wi-Fi wireless network CompactFlash card (drivers built-in to 
PAC Mate firmware for connecting wirelessly to the internet using Wi-Fi) 


3.       {1} 2GB and {2} 64MB CompactFlash cards for document storage. 


4.       One month free of one-on-one email or phone training.


The Pac Mate QX400 brand-new by itself sells for $1495.00.


I am selling this product because I hardly get time to use it and would not 
mine having it in the hands of someone who will be able to use it.


If you know of anyone who may be seriously interested in my Pac mate, you can 
have them email me at craigology@xxxxxxxxxxxx


I can accept payment using PayPal.  I will listen to other offers.    


Here is some additional information about the Pacmate.


From Freedom Scientific's webpage:

"The PAC Mate Omni provides users with a host of productivity tools that enable 
them to access virtually every application that sighted users of mainstream 
PDAs enjoy. The PAC Mate Omni runs "Mobile" versions of popular Microsoft 
Office® applications and uses ActiveSync® to seamlessly synchronize with your 
desktop computer. Your e-mail, Contacts, appointments, files, tasks, and even 
Web favorites are effortlessly updated every time you connect. It all happens 
in the background while you use your PC or PAC Mate. The versatile PAC Mate 
Omni meets the on-the-go needs of users at work, at school, and at play with 
everything from word processing, to spreadsheets, to mobile Web access.

The PAC Mate Omni is powered by Windows Mobile® 6.0, the very latest Microsoft 
operating system - the most keyboard-friendly version of this operating system 
ever. With full support for soft keys in Windows Mobile products, the PAC Mate 
Omni enables you to install and easily operate a variety of off-the-shelf 
third-party Windows Mobile applications that offer keyboard support.

Get Started in a Flash 
Turn on the PAC Mate, and you'll immediately notice the familiar look, feel, 
and sound of JAWS®, the world's most popular screen reading software. The PAC 
Mate Omni comes loaded with context-sensitive Help features to get you up and 
running quickly with pre-installed Mobile versions of Microsoft applications 
including Word, Excel, Calendar, Outlook, Inbox, Contacts, Internet Explorer, 
and Windows Media Player."

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