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Dear Chip,

I don't think I commented on this before.  First, I haven't heard from her yet. 
 Might she actually be doing her homework?  <grin>

Second, I will definitely try to get a meeting with her and drive home the very 
salient points you made about what we are asking benefits many more than in the 
blindness community, so I'm saving this post, so my nearly 55-year-old brain 
doesn't forget.

Maybe this falls into what William and I have discussed about education--we are 
going into the schools, but people like Ms. Lightsey, and other commissioners, 
and the Chamber of Commerce and the City Manager need to know these points 
too--and so much more--it is darn hard to get a job with the City as I 
understand it.

I applied for a County Job, and they never had the decency to say yea or nay, 
and it was a job I believe I would have been very good at--helping people 
through crises through the sheriff's department.


Darla J. Rogers, B.A. Social Science; M.S. Rehabilitation Counselor Education


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  Very Very good Darla!!!

  All of it true of course.

  What I was amazed at however, was her "we're not going to modify our system 
for a few riders ..." attitude.  Someone needs to explain to her that A) it's 
the law!  not a suggestion! and B), it benefits everyone when we do so (those 
who are elderly, walking with aids, or simply not always looking at every car 
all the time).  The examples of how beneficial curb-cuts for wheel-chairs have 
turned out to be is just one example.

  I could not believe she said anything like that; it's an attitude from 40 
years ago.

  Thanks for writing her.

  You know, how is any person who can't drive for whatever reason supposed to 
buy a house somewhere, based on it "being accessible to public transit", if the 
city keeps changing and reducing the public transit areas served?  It's 
literally a moving target.



  Chip Orange
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    Here is what I wrote to Ms. Lightsey.  Wonder if she'll even respond.

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    Dear Ms. Lightsey:

    I have been back in Tallahassee nearly 3 years, and I lived here 1.5 years 
in 2004-2005.  During these times, I have never known you to side with disabled 
Tallahassee residents--especially the blind.

    Due to circumstances beyond my control, I did not make it to last night's 
City Commission meeting but know the people who spoke about the issues 
regarding Nova 2010 did so eloquently, so I won't re-summarize what was said by 
them.  I am speaking for myself and my husband who is also blind.

    We have lived at 

    2000 N. Meridian Rd.

    for over 2 years.  We were told this area is very accessible to blind and 
visually-impaired persons.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Both my husband and I have used public transportation in a number of cities 
to go to and from work and to recreate, run errands, visit friends, etc.

    First there are no Audible Pedestrian Signals (APS) in this neighborhood, 
so crossing Monroe at John Knox is a crap shoot, as it is very difficult to 
hear the traffic patterns to let me or my husband know it is safe to cross.  We 
also cannot cross Meridian at Bradford or John Knox safely--we would need to 
cross Meridian at Bradford Road to find the only sidewalks that are on Meridian 
Road in our neighborhood.

    Second, on our side of Meridian Road, there is virtually no sidewalk 
between Bradford Road and John Knox.  I have talked to both the city and county 
about this issue and have been told that it is a state highway and thus not 
under the jurisdiction of either entity to make sidewalk improvements to make 
it safe to navigate around the neighborhood.

    In addition to there not being sidewalks on this side of Meridian Road, 
there is an uncovered culvert for storm run-off;; this forces us to stand and 
wait for traffic to clear on Meridian Road before we step out in the street and 
run several feet to get around it and back up on the curb out of Meridian Road.

    As an educated woman, I believe you owe it to your constituents to learn 
more about the issues on which you vote; you obviously, do not know anything 
about the blindness community, or you would realize that being able to use Star 
Metro effectively, would provide freedom we currently don't possess because 
Dial-a-Ride reservations must be made 24 hours in advance, and it is very 
difficult to make it on time if one has more than one appointment for the day.  
Taxi fare has gone up considerably, and neither of us is currently employed.  
Using Star Metro would allow for more spontaneous trips, though the current 
Nova 2010 Plan does not give us any evening service.

    I challenge you to leave your car at home--that would put less carbon 
monoxide etc. into the air--and walk up to your bus stop and take Star Metro to 
and from work for a week and ask Dial-a-Ride if you can become a temporary 
rider to see what using that service is like.

    Blind and visually impaired people do vote, and believe me, if there isn't 
more willingness to really hear and understand our issues, we will encourage 
all of our community and friends, coworkers and business associates to vote 
with us.

    We are not unaware of budget constraints, but, in the long run money would 
be saved if blind and visually impaired people had safe ways to navigate the 
city.  You know we are not lying about the unsafe pedestrian situation in 
Tallahassee.  I know you saw the study done and saw the dismal rating 
Tallahassee received.

    So, in closing, I challenge you to "walk a mile in our shoes."   Only then 
can you cast educated votes that really represent the blindness community.  
There are many more people with disabilities--many invisible--who live here and 
need to get about the city  using public transportation because they cannot 
drive either.


    Darla J. Rogers, B.A. Social Science; M.S. Rehabilitation Counselor 


    Home phone #:  850-329-7437
    Cell #:  850-443-3571

    Skype ID: wildflower0628
    I suited up for the long walk back to myself...  
    ....Ani DiFranco

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