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This is wonderful news and opens the doors to a lot of transportation possibilities. Just think when service to Jacksonville is implemented, there will be no more reason to pay high prices to fly from Tallahassee airport. Wonder how it will affect airline ticket prices in Florida.


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Posted on Fri, Sep. 03, 2010
Luxury bus rolls out service with $40 Miami-Orlando round trip
A new luxury bus service launched this summer for the U.S. Southeast, with introductory rates for round trips starting at $40 between Orlando and Miami through Sept. 30. RedCoach, a division of Grupo Plaza, one of South America's largest transport companies, now offers daily bus service in Florida and Georgia, with all vehicles equipped with Wi-Fi for Internet use and free check-in for two bags and one carry-on. RedCoach said its Prevost vehicles are configured with fewer seats than usual -- 27 instead of the 56 common on many buses. Seats are leather and recline up to 140 degrees. Each seat features a foot rest, lap desk and 110-volt outlet to plug in computers and other devices -- making for an experience more like a first-class airline cabin than a typical bus, the company said. RedCoach now offers service in Miami, Pompano Beach, Lake Worth, Orlando, Gainesville, Tallahassee and Atlanta, according to the company website. It plans to expand to Tampa, Jacksonville, Daytona Beach and other cities. In Miami, RedCoach stops at the airport, and in Pompano Beach and Lake Worth, it stops at service plazas on Florida's Turnpike. In Orlando, it stops at a terminal about a mile from the airport.

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