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Hello wonderful people!

I am a DBS employee and I can tell you that many, many DBS employees would be extremely grateful of your efforts if they knew what you are doing. If any of you know who Chip is, please pass this along to him. Chip hit the nail right on the head. We need to go back to having DBS staff providing more services in a standardized way. I am pretty certain that most of the CRP's depend heavily on DBS funding (much more than half of their budgets). This means duplication of office space and administrative costs, with less money going to direct client services. That being said, there are some excellent private facilities around the state providing top notch services. the problem is that our director is closely tied with many CRP's and she is ciphering big bucks to them. For example, CRP's are paid $56 for a 15 minute phone call to a client. Also, the customer service representatives in the DBS offices often do the work to help a client get a job. If the client has been on a CRP's list, for any reason, the CRP is paid $6000 for the job placement, even if they did no work.

If you read through the climate survey, you will know that many DBS staff have tried to speak up about the poor quality of services provided by some of the CRP's. Those who have spoken out have been either fired or moved into positions having nothing to do with serving clients. Many have been threaten with termination for questioning a CRP. Those who haven't been fired are often harassed or bullied.

Please note that the report from the inspector general points out that there was no good reason for terminating many of the people who were let go. Also, the contract audit states that DBS is too cozy with the contractors.

Another thing that needs to be pointed out is that most of the CRP's belong to a group called FAASB (Fl Association of Agencies Serving the BLIND). FAASB has hired a lobbiest to take care of their needs. So, DBS pays money to the CRP's who then pay a lobbiest. They say that they use other funding for the FAASB membership and lobbiest, but you decide. Shouldn't this money be used to serve clients? I also think that someone should investigate how stimulus funds were used.

There is so much more going on, but I don't want to make this too long. Many current and former DBS staff have written the commissioner of Education, but perhaps he thinks that the blind community is satisfied. If you are not satisfied, please let him know. You can email the commissioner at commissioner@xxxxxxxxx

If our current leadership remains, the careers of many more good people will be lost and more money will go to the CRPS for less service.

Again, I and my colleagues thank each and every one of you for your interest.

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