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BookSense 2.0 Firmware Now Available
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GW Micro is pleased to announce the release of the BookSense 2.0 firmware! This 
is a free upgrade for all BookSense customers. We have been listening to your 
requests, and there have been many changes to the BookSense firmware in 
response to customer input. 

The BookSense now has the ability to move by headings in the Document Reader 
when you are in an html or xml file. This means easier and faster navigation 
when reading these types of files, saving you time and energy. 

The time increment to move forward and backward in each application is now 
consistent. For example, you can now move forward or backward within a file by 
five seconds regardless of whether you are in the DAISY Player, Document 
Reader, or Media Player. This feature provides you with added flexibility while 
listening to your favorite books or music. 

Marks in the BookSense were given a complete overhaul. Since you can have up to 
1,000 marks, you may not remember the number of the next mark that you want to 
insert. The BookSense now tells you the number of the next available mark when 
you want to insert a new mark. You can now add marks and move by marks in the 
DAISY Player, Document Reader, and the Media Player. If you have an MP3 audio 
book in one of the default folders, such as Audio Books, you are now able to 
insert a mark into the book, and the BookSense will remember the position, 
allowing for extremely simple navigation. You also now have three types of 
marks to choose from: a mark, a voice memo mark, and a highlight mark. Voice 
memo marks now speak when you are passing the mark inside a book, and the 
highlight mark function allows you to select a passage of text to be able to 
mark material that is important to you, such as information in a textbook that 
you may want to refer to later. 

Be able to fall asleep faster with the comfort of the enhanced sleep timer. The 
BookSense now allows you to customize the time it goes to sleep. You can press 
the number 4 for at least two seconds, and then type a number between 0 and 90. 
This way, you can choose your own time when you want the BookSense to go to 

Audio books are now treated as a whole book rather than separate MP3 files. 
This means no more fumbling around with audio books that are broken into 
multiple MP3 files. In addition to your Audio Books folder, this new 
enhancement also applies to all of the files and folders found in your Podcast 
and Movies folder. 

A hotkey has been added to easily connect Bluetooth headphones. Instead of 
having to access the menu to pair your Bluetooth headphones, you can press the 
number 6 for at least two seconds while in the DAISY Player, Document Reader, 
or Media Player, and your BookSense will connect to the Bluetooth headphones 
that you have paired. Or, if you have not paired a Bluetooth headset, the 
Bluetooth dialog will open, so that you can easily pair the headphones with 
your BookSense. 

One of the biggest improvements that we have made with BookSense 2.0 is that 
the BookSense now supports Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic (RFB&D). 
However, while the BookSense supports RFB&D, you cannot yet download books from 
the RFB&D website. RFB&D is working diligently to add the BookSense to their 
website, and we tentatively expect the BookSense to be on the RFB&D website by 
January 11, 2010. The good news is that once you have downloaded and installed 
BookSense 2.0, as soon as RFB&D adds the BookSense to their website, you will 
be able to play RFB&D books, assuming you have authorized your BookSense to 
play RFB&D content. For more information on RFB&D, please visit www.rfbd.org. 

There are so many changes that we can't list all of them in this announcement. 
To get the full list of changes to the BookSense, as well as version 2.0 of the 
BookSense firmware, go to www.gwmicro.com/booksense. For more information on 
how to upgrade the BookSense firmware, check out www.gwmicro.com/kb1107. 

If you have issues or questions regarding updating your BookSense software, 
please contact our Technical Support Department at (260) 489-3671, or via email 
at support@xxxxxxxxxxxx 

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