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I'm sorry!

I thought this was more about I phones than anything else!

That's why I sent it.

Apparently, I'm totally out in left field somewhere thinking some of you all 
might find it interesting for that reason!

If not, please forgive?

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  sounds very cool, but since you don't get to put your app on ITunes, you have 
to wonder if anyone will see it.  you'd have to do a lot of promoting yourself, 
directing people to this site to get your app.


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  If my forwarding this, everybody, is a bit, or, widely, redundant, please 
forgive?  I am notas technically savvy as most on this site!


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                         Newsletter - May, 2011


                                iBuildApp Enables the Next Generation of Mobile 
Web Apps 

                                iBuildApp has launched its HTML5 mobile web 
apps solution targeted towards small businesses. 

                                iBuildApp today announced the launch of Web 
Apps, a mobile app service for businesses to easily make and distribute a 
mobile app in minutes without writing any code.

                                iBuildApp offers a web-based do-it-yourself 
platform for building HTML5 apps. With this tool, anyone can create, customize 
and manage an iPhone/iPad/Android application. Currently the mobile web app 
solution supports all major mobile operating systems, including iPhone, 
Android, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows.

                                Through the client it's easy to customize an 
app with images, icons and skins, add social media, change fonts. Include extra 
features like events, locations, ecommerce, audio/video streams, etc.

                                “While you are building your app, you can 
preview it in the preview window, to see how it will work on the real device. 
This service from iBuildApp is free so you can quickly build and update your 
web mobile app in a few minutes. You can also reuse content from your own web 
site and make it mobile”, said Rafael Soultanîv, CEO of iBuildApp.

                                The new offering from the team behind many top 
solutions built for businesses. It follows iBuildApp’s set of native mobile 
solutions for the iPad and iPhone.

                                iBuildApp web mobile app features include the 

                                a.. eCommerce and promotions features that help 
businesses to target mobile users with new offers and services. 
                                b.. GPS functionality to help businesses target 
users by location. 
                                c.. Video and Audio Streaming as well as image 
galleries to display products. 
                                d.. Customers can review photo galleries, get 
video and audio streams, get directions, and many more features. 
                                e.. The ability to customize apps and add 
social media features. 
                                f.. Preview apps before publishing to see how 
the app will work on a real device. 
                                g.. Quick to build and update a web mobile app 
with no need to wait for app store approval. 
                                h.. Ability to make instant updates to the app.

                                There are strong advantages to using the 
self-service solution from iBuildApp mobile web apps such as no need to wait 
for app store approval and the ability to instantly deploy updates.

                                Build a mobile app immediately by going to 


                                With this tool, anyone can create, customize 
and manage an iPhone/iPad/Android application. 


                                a.. ✓ No submission on iTunes is required. 
                                b.. ✓ Hosted on iBuildapp. 
                                c.. ✓ No startup costs. No subscription costs. 
No coding required. . Create, Publish and Manage your application for FREE! 
                                d.. ✓ No installation is required. 
                                e.. ✓ Intuitive interface gives anyone the 
ability to design and deploy professional iPad Applications. 
                                f.. ✓ Full Control – update/ refresh your 
content on demand, publish and truck status of your applications. 



                                a.. ✓ HTML5 web apps; 
                                b.. ✓ Web apps update themselves; 
                                c.. ✓ Video, Audio & Podcasts; 
                                d.. ✓ Easy to add driving directions & GPS; 
                                e.. ✓ Access to native functions: tap-to-call, 
tap-to-email, contact list, photo album; 
                                f.. ✓ Web-based RSS reader (RSS & Atom 
                                g.. ✓ Photo album (Flickr, Picasa, or manual 
                                h.. ✓ Integration with Twitter and Facebook; 
                                i.. ✓ Google Calendar; 
                                j.. ✓ Multiple templates. 
                                iBuildApp provides barcode images - QR codes 
containing app's URL - for easy automatic distribution web based applications:




                                © 2011 iBuildApp.com 

        iBuildApp. 1065 e. hillsdale blvd, foster city, CA 94404 USA

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