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Subject: Find Your Way with Mobile Speak 4.60 - Support for Nokia Ovi Maps

 Find Your Way with Mobile Speak 4.60 Support for Nokia Ovi Maps
Terrassa (Barcelona), Spain, November 23, 2010

*Nokia Ovi Maps... it was surely the most awaited feature for a Symbian
screen reader but also a huge technical challenge. Today, Code Factory’s
development team is proudly saying to the world “YES WE CAN” by announcing
Mobile Speak’s support for free step-by-step navigation using Nokia Ovi

“When Wayfinder announced the end of Wayfinder Access and our Symbian users
were left without any other accessible GPS solution for Nokia phones, we
knew we had to make something work. Our commitment towards our users
justified the decision to take on this new technical challenge and the big
investment it represented for Code Factory,” explained Eduard Sánchez, Code
Factory’s CEO.

“We at TalkNav are delighted that Code Factory has taken this step to
empowering Symbian handset users to access the Ovi Maps product. With the
demise of the Wayfinder Access GPS solution, Symbian users had been left
quite literally stranded, other than opting for a change of platform,” says
Neil Barnfather, TalkNav owner and former Wayfinder Access dealer. “Code
Factorys efforts in making Ovi Maps accessible to this significant number of
blind and low vision users represents the true emphasis that this company
puts on making its products the very best that they can be” added Neil.

With Mobile Speak 4.60 you can use *versions 3.03 and 3.04 of Ovi Maps* in
an accessible way to:

  - Find and track your current GPS position.
  - Start walking or driving and get automatic notifications when streets
  - Search for specific addresses, points of interest and others locations
  such as hotels and restaurants.
  - Create, edit, follow and save a route in Walk or Drive mode.
  - Bookmark your favourite places and routes, or create your own
  collection of favourite points of interest.
  - Execute Ovi Maps and specialized Mobile Speak shortcuts when in Map,
Walk or Drive mode. For example, when following a route, press 1 to speak
  the next turn, 2 to save your current position, 3 to search a point of
interest browsing by categories, 7 to bring up a list of route points, 8 to
  speak the distance to the destination and its direction, 9 to display a
dashboard with information about distance, speed and time, or Clear to speak
  your current position.
  - Configure new Mobile Speak settings to customize your Ovi Maps
  - To learn more about Mobile Speak’s Ovi Maps support, please read our
  FAQ at http://www.codefactory.es/en/products.asp?id=414 and consult
  Chapter 14 of our user manual at


Mobile Speak 4.60 comes FREE for all Mobile Speak 4.xx users and is now
available for download at http://codefactory.es/en/downloads.asp?id=347

It is important to check if your version of Nokia Ovi Maps and your phone
are compatible:

- *Supported versions of Nokia Ovi Maps*: v3.03 and v3.04. These versions
  provide free step-by step pedestrian and car navigation.
  - *Nokia phones that work with v3.03 and v3.04 of Nokia Ovi Maps*: E66,
E71, N86, C5, E5, E52, E55, E72, E73, 6710, 6720, 6730, 6760, 5230, 5800,
  N97, N97 mini, C6, and X6

Note that only the above Ovi Maps versions and Nokia devices are supported
by Mobile Speak 4.60. If you use any other version or device, Code Factory
cannot guarantee the correct functionality with Ovi Maps, so before
upgrading your version or device, please make sure it is supported.
In addition to Ovi Maps support, V4.60 also includes:

  - *Support for 3 new devices: Nokia 5228, Nokia 5250, and Nokia E55.*
  - *Support for Mobile Magnifier in all Nokia touch devices *with new
  features especially designed for touch-screens such as the touch
  magnification lens which can be used in Stylus mode.
  - Support for Mobile Magnifier in various 3rd edition phones where it
previously was not supported: Nokia N86, Nokia E75, Nokia N85, Nokia 5730
  and Nokia 6220.
  - Easier way to execute commands using a touch-screen: On pressing the
Command key, the touch mode will automatically change to Keypad mode while the Command key is active, regardless of the current touch mode. This allows all Command key shortcuts to always be easily accessible, since all keys can be simulated in Keypad mode. Very useful when using the magnification lens
  in Stylus mode.
  - When "Battery/Signal always" is set to "On" in the Verbosity tab, the
current time, battery level, signal level and operator will be spoken when
  entering into the standby screen from a different application. This is a
convenient way to check these values without needing to use a Mobile Speak Command (so it can easily be done for example by switching out and back into the standby screen, even on slider phones like the N86, while keeping the
  slider closed).
  - A large number of other improvements and bug fixes, as detailed in our
  User Manual here


If you are a new Mobile Speak user, download Mobile Speak 4.60 now at
http://codefactory.es/en/downloads.asp?id=347 and try it for 30 days for

If you are a user of an earlier version of Mobile Speak (i.e. v3.82 or
earlier) and wish to upgrade to Mobile Speak 4.60, contact your distributor to purchase an upgrade license. In addition to all the improvements and new
features of Mobile Speak 4.00, 4.50 and 4.60, if you purchase an upgrade
license, you will also get Mobile Magnifier, Mobile DAISY Player, Color
Recognizer  and the Games for free! To consult the complete list of Code
Factory’s official distributors, visit

To learn how to install Mobile Speak 4.60 for Symbian for the first time,
follow the instructions at

If upgrading from version 3.XX of Mobile Speak, make sure to FIRST UNINSTALL
all the Code Factory packages you have installed and then RESTART the
device. However if you already have version 4.XX installed, just stop Mobile Speak and install v4.60. None of the TTS packages have changed since v4.00, so there is no need to reinstall them. For more information about upgrading,
follow the instructions at

To read more about Mobile Speak 4.00 visit

About Code Factory

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Terrassa (Barcelona), Spain, Code
Factory is the global leader committed to the development of products
designed to eliminate barriers to the accessibility of mobile technology for the blind and visually impaired. Today, Code Factory is the leading provider of screen readers, screen magnifiers, and Braille interfaces for the widest range of mainstream mobile devices. Among Code Factory's customers are well
known organizations for the blind such as ONCE, and carriers such as AT&T,
Bouygues Telecom, SFR, TIM and Vodafone. Code Factory has also built strong
partnerships with mainstream multinational companies like RIM, Nokia,
Microsoft, and Hewlett Packard as well as leading assistive technology
companies such as HumanWare, Optelec and Sendero Group.

*For more information, feel free to contact Code Factory S.L.:*

Code Factory, S.L., Rambla d'Egara 148 2-2, 08221 Terrassa (Barcelona)
HelpDesk <http://www.codefactory.cat/helpdesk/>, www.codefactory.es
Code Factory, S.L. - 2010
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