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 FYI - In case anyone is looking for a work horse of a helper, have I got the 
guy for you!

My husband and I hired a young man, Dylan Hodge, 18, to help us clean and seal 
the deck at our house this past weekend. I got his name from a teacher I know 
at Wakulla High School. Doug really still does not have full use of his hand 
yet, and I am helpful, but not the strongest person, so we really needed some 

Well Dylan cleaned the deck, helped us get the hot tub up on rollers, did yard 
work and gardening like a man possessed! By the end of the day Saturday I 
already trusted him enough to toss him my car keys and ask him to go buy a bag 
of ice because we had run out! (Which by the way we hardly ever let other 
folks, let alone teen agers, drive our cars!) 

We are definitely going to hire him again, and he is looking to get as much 
work as he can, so we are spreading the word. We paid him $10/hour and we got 
more than our money's worth. 

So if you need some help, mention my name when you call, and I'm sure he would 
be helpful with whatever chore/job you needed! Dylan Hodge 728-0392

Thanks. Leslie

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