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   July 2012

Calendar of Events



Dear Friends,
This Events Calendar for each month will now be sent to all of the fine people on our mailing list. Henceforth, all newswires will be posted on our two web sites. Those dealing with old-time-radio will be put on www.radiooutofthepast.org. The others will be placed on www.accessibleworld.org. You will find them near the top of the sites. You may tell your friends who wish these monthly Calendar of Events to subscribe near the bottom of each of the web sites above.


All times are Eastern times.

Weekly programs:
Mondays: Tek Talk: 8 pm Pat Price Tek Talk Training Room We are not holding a session on Monday July 2. (www.accessibleworld.org).

Tuesdays: Joanie's Corner: 4 pm, Fred Bertelsen Room (www.radiooutofthepast.org).

Wednesdays: Books and Beyond: 8 pm, Books and Beyond Room (www.accessibleworld.org).

Thursdays: All Things Radio: 6:30,PM, Fred Bertelsen Room (www.radiooutofthepast.org).

Thursdays: Old-Time-Radio programs: 8 pm, Fred Bertelsen Room (www.radiooutofthepast.org).

Saturday: Sports Talk: 12 noon; Sports Talk Room, (www.accessibleworld.org).

Saturday: Michael's old-Time-Radio Surprise: 8 pm ,Fred Bertelsen Room, (www.radiooutofthepast.org).

Sunday: Canadian Old-Time-Radio; 8 pm, Chat Room, (www.cotra.ca).

Monthly Programs:

First Tuesday: A Journey Through History: 9 pm, History Room, (www.accessibleworld.org). This program will not be held in July.

First Tuesday for this month only: Radio Waves,Radio Waves Room, 9 pm,(www.accessibleworld.org).

Second Wednesday: YOU AND your Guide Dog: 8 pm, The Guide Dog users Room, (www.accessibleworld.org). This program will not be held in July.

Second Thursday Science Fiction Meeting: 9 pm, Book Nook, (www.accessibleworld.org).

Second Friday: Friday Night at the Movies: 8 pm; Auditorium, (www.accessibleworld.org). This program will not be held in July.

Second Saturday: Spotlight on Music: 7 pm, Music Room, (www.accessibleworld.org).

Second Sunday: A Banquet of Books: 5 pm, Book Nook Room, (www.accessibleworld.org).

Third Wednesday: Classroom of the Air: 9 pm, Classroom, (www.accessibleworld.org).

Third Friday: A Novel Idea: 9 pm, Book Nook Room, (www.accessibleworld.org).

Third Sunday: The Empowerment Zone: 4 pm Book Nook Room, (www.accessibleworld.org).

Third Sunday: Worlds of Books; 5 pm, Book Nook Room, (www.accessibleworld.org).

Third Sunday: The Fantasy Discussion Group: 8 pm, Book Nook Room, (www.accessibleworld.org).

Third Sunday: Issues facing persons who are blind: 9 pm, Classroom, (www.accessibleworld.org).

Fourth Wednesday: Healthy Living via telephone conference: 9 pm.
(www.accessibleworld.org). This program will commence again in September.

Fourth Sunday: The Mystery Book Discussion Group: 5 pm; Book Nook Room, (www.accessibleworld.org).

Fourth Sunday: Our Cozy Kitchen; 7 pm, Accessible World Kitchen, (www.accessibleworld.org).

For any further information about any of the above programs, please write to Robert Acosta, Chair, Accessibleworld
E-Mail: boacosta@xxxxxxxxxxx

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