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New Buses

      StarMetro's Dial-A-Ride Rolls Out New Buses

      This week, StarMetro's paratransit service, Dial-A-Ride, will place 14 
new buses on the streets. The new 23-foot 'Challenger' buses, made by Champion, 
will replace older buses from Dial-A-Ride's current fleet. The new buses seat 
16 passengers and come equipped with three foldaway seats, three wheelchair 
positions and a rear lift.

      A grant from the Federal Transportation Authority paid for the complete 
replacement of the 14 buses at a cost of $1,027,852; each bus cost $73,418.

      "The replacement Dial-A-Ride vans will allow the City to continue to 
provide safe, timely and efficient transportation for our elderly and disabled 
citizens," said Donna Peacock, Superintendent of Paratransit. "These vehicles 
are equipped with several new features designed for the comfort and safety of 
the citizen - a state-of-the-art farebox, three wheelchair securement areas 
with automatic self-tensioning belts, microbiotic fabric seats and a better 
suspension system for smoother rides."

      Dial-A-Ride is a transportation service for elderly and qualified persons 
with disabilities living within the City of Tallahassee. In compliance with the 
American's with Disabilities Act, the Dial-A-Ride Program provides curb-to-curb 
service for those who cannot access StarMetro's fixed route service.

      For more information, please contact StarMetro at 891-5200 or visit 

      Contact: Brian Waterman, StarMetro Planning Administrator, 891-5564; or 
Heather Teter, StarMetro Marketing Specialist, 891-5206
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