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Not only meeting time reminder and proposed route changes are below:
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Subject: City of Tallahassee News Release - StarMetro to Hold Public Meetings 
on Proposed December Changes 

      StarMetro to Hold Public Meetings on Proposed December Changes 

      StarMetro will hold four public meetings to discuss proposed route 
changes set to begin this December. The public meetings will take place at City 
Hall in the Tallahassee Room on Thursday, Oct. 20, and Tuesday, Oct. 25, from 
11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.

      Proposed changes include:

        a.. Azalea Route - adjust timing of route and reroute middle portion of 
route to veer onto Miccosukee Rd. and Magnolia Dr. before resuming route on 
Mahan Dr. (This reroute would provide new service along  the southern portion 
of Miccosukee Rd.) 
        b.. Big Bend Route - adjust timing and reroute southern portion to turn 
left on Monroe St. from Paul Russell Rd., right on Ross Rd., left on Shelfer 
Rd., right on Capital Circle SW, right on Crawfordville Rd., right back onto 
Ross Rd., left onto Shelfer Rd., then right onto Crawfordville Rd., right on 
Orange Ave., left on Monroe St. then continue with route. (See Moss route.) 
        c.. Canopy Route - adjust timing and delete western portion of route 
covering Pensacola St., Blountstown Highway and W. Tennessee St. (This section 
would be served by changes to the Tall Timbers route.) 
        d.. Evergreen Route - reroute western portion to turn left onto Mission 
Rd., take Mission Rd. onto Appleyard Dr., right into the Tallahassee Community 
College circle, exit left on Appleyard Dr., follow Appleyard Dr. onto Mission 
Rd., right on Tharpe St. then resume route. 
        e.. Forest Route - adjust timing to every 25 minutes and reroute middle 
portion to turn right on Tharpe St. off of Mission Rd., veer left onto 
Blountstown Highway, left on Tennessee St., right onto Appleyard Dr. and resume 
        f.. Gulf Route - adjust timing to run every 40 minutes all day and veer 
into the Tallahassee Mall property on the northbound trip only; also, reroute 
northern portion of route to travel along Grady Rd. to Thomas Rd., onto Bermuda 
Rd., onto Meridian Rd. then right on Henderson Rd. (This reroute will provide 
additional service to the Macon Community.) 
        g.. Live Oak Route - adjust timing to run every 40 minutes all day and 
reroute western portion of route to continue on Eisenhower St. to Roberts Rd., 
right on Nina Rd., right on Pensacola St., right on Appleyard Dr., right on 
Jackson Bluff Rd., left on Yulee St., then cross over the railroad tracks, take 
Eisenhower St. back to Ridgeway St., left on Ridgeway St. then continue the 
route. (This reroute would provide additional service and connectivity from the 
north to the west.) 
        h.. Moss Route - delete the southern portion of the route covering Ross 
Rd., Shelfer Rd. and Woodville Highway and reroute the northern portion of the 
route to turn left on Tharpe St. from Colorado St., right on High Rd., left on 
Hartsfield Rd., right on Atlas Rd., right on Portland Ave., right on Old 
Bainbridge Rd., right back onto High Rd., left on Tharpe St. then resume route. 
(The changes to the northern portion would provide extra service and 
connectivity, while the southern portion would be covered by changes to the Big 
Bend route.) 
        i.. Red Hills Route - adjust timing to run every 45 minutes starting at 
3 p.m. 
        j.. San Luis Route - adjust timing to run every 35 minutes all day. 
        k.. Tall Timbers Route - delete southern portion of route from the 
Koger Center to Capital Circle Office Complex on Capital Circle SE and reroute 
western portion to right on Blountstown Highway, right onto Tennessee St., 
right onto Appleyard Dr. then continue the route. (See Canopy route.) 
        l.. N1, N2 Routes - add and adjust timing. 
        m.. N3 Route - reroute to travel into Tallahassee Community College. 
        n.. N4 Route - reroute to travel into Governor's Square Mall and add 
another trip at the end of service. 
        o.. N5 Route - add another trip to the end of service and adjust 
        p.. Azalea Saturday Route - add and adjusting timing. 
        q.. Big Bend Saturday Route - adjusting timing and reroute southern 
portion to mimic Big Bend Weekday Route. 
        r.. Moss Saturday Route - restructure route to mimic Moss Weekday 
        s.. Tall Timbers Saturday Route - restructure to resemble the N3 route 
traveling into the Tallahassee Community College. 
      "We are continually improving the new decentralized system," said Ron 
Garrison, executive director of StarMetro. "These public meetings will give us 
the opportunity to present and discuss those changes with our customers."

      For more information about StarMetro services, please call StarMetro's 
main office at 891-5200 or visit Talgov.com/starmetro. Other ways to view 
information include liking StarMetro's official Facebook page at 
Facebook.com/starmetrotransit or by following the organization on Twitter at 

      Brian Waterman, StarMetro Planning Administrator, 891-5564; or Heather 
Teter, StarMetro Marketing Specialist, 891-5206 
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