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The article below has one photograph of of two men. One man is assisting 
another man who is in a wheelchair in front of a new dial a ride ban. 

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      StarMetro and Ability1st Partner for Sensitivity Training

      Last week, StarMetro drivers participated in sensitivity training 
presented by Ability1st, a local advocacy group for persons with disabilities. 
Over 100 drivers participated in the sensitivity training sessions, which 
spanned three days.

      Curriculum for the training sessions included lectures, discussions and 
interactive exercises. Through these interactive exercises, StarMetro drivers 
experienced cognitive and physical disabilities while performing everyday 
tasks. The big exercise of the sessions called for StarMetro drivers to cross 
busy intersections around the city while being blindfolded and/or physically 
handicapped in some way.

      "Our goal was to provide additional insight into the challenges people 
with visible and invisible disabilities face every day as they move about our 
community," said Judith Barrett, executive director of Ability1st.

      Each StarMetro driver must complete extensive classroom and bus simulator 
training before taking to the streets. Typically, driver training can take up 
to two months. In addition, each driver must complete refresher-training 
courses at least once a year.

      "Our Nova2010 Project calls for a more grid-like system with various 
transfer points located across the city, most of which will be located at major 
intersections," said Ron Garrison, executive director of StarMetro. "In order 
to better understand how persons with varying disabilities will navigate this 
proposed system, we are all taking additional sensitivity training sessions."

      For more information, please contact StarMetro at 891-5200 or visit 

      Contact: Brian Waterman, StarMetro Planning Administrator, 891-5564; or 
Heather Teter, StarMetro Marketing Specialist, 891-5206; or Judith Barrett, 
Ability First Executive Director, 575-9621

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