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31-Day Fare Card

      StarMetro Offers Online Purchase of 31-Day Fare Card

      Today, StarMetro launches a new application that will allow customers to 
purchase a 31-day fare card online with a credit card.

      "Currently, customers must purchase fare cards at C.K. Steele Plaza or 
StarMetro's main offices off of Appleyard Drive; in addition, customers must 
have cash to purchase that fare card," said Ron Garrison, executive director of 
StarMetro. "By employing this new application, we will make purchasing 
StarMetro fare more convenient for our customers."

      In order to purchase a 31-day fare card online, customers must first 
register for an account. Through a secure provider, the customer must submit 
personal information. Once the customer establishes an account, he/she may be 
able to use a credit card to purchase the 31-day fare card. The initial 
purchase of a 31-day fare card online will total $43.75. This total includes a 
$3.00 service charge, which is applied to the purchase of all new reloadable 
fare cards, and a $2.75 processing fee. Within three to five days, the customer 
should receive their fare card in the mail.

      During the registration process, customers may choose to execute the 
automatic reload function, which simply reloads the fare card every 31 days. 
This reload will total $40.75; all subsequent reloads will total this amount, 
which includes the fare of $38.00 plus the $2.75 processing fee. If a customer 
chooses not to execute the automatic reload feature, then that customer will 
receive an email expiration notice within five days of the expiration.

      "In the future, we hope to offer more than just our 31-day fare card 
online," Garrison said.

      The StarCard will also allow customers to access information about 
StarMetro's partners via a quick response, or QR, code displayed on the back of 
the card.

      For information, please contact StarMetro at 891-5200 or visit 
Talgov.com/starmetro. Other ways to view information include liking StarMetro's 
official Facebook page at Facebook.com/starmetrotransit and following 
StarMetro's official Twitter page at Twitter.com/ridestarmetro.

      Contact: Brian Waterman, StarMetro Planning Administrator, 891-5564; or 
Heather Teter, StarMetro Marketing Specialist, 891-5206
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