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Dear Lynn,

Are these maps written in such a way as to be accessible to t totally blind 
person since I have a meeting to attend Thursday?

Darla & Precious Roxy

Darla J. Rogers

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  Subject: [tabi] Fw: City of Tallahassee News Release - StarMetro Completes 
Draft Bus Stop Analysis for Decentralization

  Subject: City of Tallahassee News Release - StarMetro Completes Draft Bus 
Stop Analysis for Decentralization

        StarMetro Completes Draft Bus Stop Analysis for Decentralization
        Now Open for Public Input on the Proposed Nova2010 Bus Stop Locations 

        After a thorough bus stop analysis with a consultant and citizen/bus 
operator group, which took place over the summer, StarMetro has released the 
preliminary bus stop locations for Nova2010, the route decentralization project 
approved by the City Commission last spring. 

        In order to gain feedback on the proposed bus stop locations, StarMetro 
staff will hold a public meeting on Thursday, August 12, from 7 to 10 a.m. in 
C.K. Steele Plaza. Members of the public who cannot attend this meeting on 
August 12 may view the bus stop location maps online and email feedback to 
nova2010project@xxxxxxxxxx or starmetro@xxxxxxxxxx and/or call StarMetro's main 
office at 850-891-5200.

        Currently, StarMetro utilizes 1,052 bus stops spread out across the 
City of Tallahassee. Most of these bus stops are fairly close to one another, 
less than a quarter of a mile. 

        "Of the 286 eliminated bus stops, most would be eliminated under the 
Nova2010 system due to proximity," said Ron Garrison, Executive Director of 
StarMetro. "Many of our bus stops are simply too close to one another."

        According to the preliminary bus stop analysis, the Nova2010 
decentralized system would utilize 766 bus stops. Of these 766 bus stops, 478 
currently exist in today's system, and 288 are brand-new bus stops. These new 
bus stops would be placed along corridors that are not served today and that 
would be served in the Nova2010 system - corridors, such as North Monroe 
Street, Magnolia Drive, Capital Circle NE/SE and portions of Orange Avenue and 
Blair Stone Road. Most of the Nova2010 bus stops would be placed within 3/10 of 
a mile from one another and at major intersections and trip generators.

        "This draft bus stop analysis took quite a while to complete, but with 
the help of the consultant and the citizen/bus operator group and with support 
from the Transit Advisory Committee, we are ready to release this information," 
said Ron Garrison, executive director of StarMetro. "We hope to get good 
feedback and suggestions from the public so that we can move forward with 
implementing Nova2010."

        StarMetro's Nova2010 route decentralization project aims to take the 
current downtown oriented route structure and break apart each route to create 
a more grid-like route structure with routes running from north to south and 
east to west, many bypassing downtown's C.K. Steele Plaza. 

        For more information, please call StarMetro's main office at 
850-891-5200 or visit Talgov.com/starmetro. For additional project updates, 
please call the Nova2010 hotline at 850-891-5283 or email 
nova2010project@xxxxxxxxxxx Citizens may also follow updates on Facebook at 
Facebook.com/starmetrotransit and Twitter at @starmetro_ .

        Brian Waterman, StarMetro Planning Administrator, 891-5564; or Heather 
Teter, StarMetro Marketing Specialist, 891-5206
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