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For all yal home owners

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Subject: City of Tallahassee News Release - Deadline for Tallahassee Rain 
Garden Grants Extended to July 8

      Deadline for Tallahassee Rain Garden Grants Extended to July 8

      Originally scheduled to end July 1, the deadline for applying for a City 
of Tallahassee rain garden grant has been extended to July 8. Rain garden 
grants are funded by the City's Think About Personal Pollution (TAPP) campaign, 
to encourage property owners to install their own rain gardens. Rain gardens 
help protect Tallahassee's water supply and reduce flooding and local surface 
water contamination from stormwater runoff.

      A rain garden is a landscaped area that is designed to capture and hold 
excess rain water for a short period of time, allowing it to soak into the soil 
and recharge the groundwater. Rain gardens also help slow the flow of water 
from a yard during and after a storm, which helps reduce water pollution in our 
lakes, sinkholes and streams.

      "Rain gardens are an easy and effective way to make a difference in our 
community," said Katie Hallas, TAPP Project Coordinator. "Because rain gardens 
are so important to our water quality, we are offering grants and assistance to 
help property owners in Tallahassee build their very own rain gardens for free 
or at a reduced cost."

      A total of 45 grants, not to exceed $175 each, will be awarded to 
eligible applicants on a first-come, first-served basis. Only owners of 
property located within the Tallahassee City limits are eligible. Before 
applying applicants are asked to read Rain Gardens: A How- to Manual for 
Homeowners, Your Personal Contribution to Cleaner Water, which is available 
online at www.tappwater.org. All candidates must submit a general information 
page, rain garden sketch and checklist before the July 8 deadline.

      Reimbursement for plants, compost and mulch used in the rain garden will 
be provided after an on-site visit from a TAPP representative to verify that 
the rain garden has been completed. All plants must be planted by September 30 
and the original receipts from purchases as well as photos of the garden must 
be submitted by October 3 in order to receive reimbursement. Once the rain 
garden is properly documented, reimbursement for the amount of the actual 
documented cost or $175, whichever is less, should be received within 45 days.

      Anyone interested in creating a rain garden should contact TAPP 
Coordinator Katie Hallas at 891-6806. Upon request, a City representative 
knowledgeable about rain gardens is available to meet with potential applicants 
at their property. The representative can help assess the location for a rain 
garden, provide a rain garden sketch for the application and suggest plants for 
each individual garden - at no charge to the property owner.

      For more details about rain gardens, the application process and how to 
get assistance with the application, visit www.tappwater.org. For information 
about ways to save energy, water and money through the City's Energy Smart Plus 
(e+) program, visit Talgov.com/YOU or call 891-4YOU (4968).

      Contact: Katie Hallas, Water Resources Engineering, 891-6806, Lorin 
Pratt, Utility Marketing, 891-6106, Bill Behenna, Department of Communications, 
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