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thanks Lynn.
In addition, don't forget the energy assistance grants offered by the LiHeap
program, and documented on the TABI web site (for those who financially
qualify and are having trouble paying their heating bill).


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New Winter Bill Payment Option


City Utilities Offers Customers New Winter Bill Payment Option

January 13, 2010
New program will provide utility payment flexibility - Given the duration of
the extremely cold weather and in consideration of the overall economic
climate, the City of Tallahassee today implemented a one-time utility
payment option for City utility customers. The Winter Relief Assistance
Program is designed to ease the financial burden resulting from higher than
normal energy use during the extreme weather. City staff discussed the
program at today's City Commission meeting, and the initiative was fully
endorsed by the Commission. 

The program allows all residential City and non-demand small business
utility customers to carry over up to 25 percent of their utility bill,
dated between Jan. 9 and Feb. 11, to the following month's bill, when usage
will likely be less. To request the carryover option, customers must contact
Your Own Utilities at 891-4YOU (4968). 

The carryover will be clearly identified as a separate line item on the next
month's bill. The City will work with customers on an individual basis. This
payment option can only be made one time per account. Non-demand small
business customers can refer to their utility bill to determine their rate
class, indicated as "GS" (refers to "General Service" commercial customers).

"Although electric and gas rates are approximately 20 percent lower this
winter than last, most of our customers will experience higher bills due
because they used more energy to heat their homes during this cold weather,"
said Mayor John Marks. "This one-time payment alternative will ease the
financial burden that the unusual weather has placed on our community." 

According to the National Weather Service, this has been the coldest start
of any year in Tallahassee's history, with 13 consecutive days below
freezing. The average daily low temperature has been 24 degrees colder than
last year during the same period, and on Monday, an all-time record peak
load of 633 megawatts (mw) was set by the City's Electric Utility. 

The City continues to encourage utility customers to use energy wisely and
take advantage of Energy Smart Plus (e+) programs to help save energy, water
and money. Your Own Utilities offers a wide range of e+ programs, including
free energy audits, energy retrofit grants, natural gas and Energy Star
appliance rebates, ceiling insulation grants, solar net metering and
low-interest energy efficiency loans. 

In addition to the Winter Relief Assistance Program, qualifying low-income
and disabled customers in need can receive utility bill payment assistance
through the City's Project Share initiative and Good Neighbor Program, which
also provides weatherization and efficiency measures, such as heating and
air conditioning system retrofits, free ceiling insulation and water leak
repair. Both programs are administered locally through the Capital Area
Community Action Agency (CACAA) through a screening process. Citizens may
contact CACAA by phone at 222-2043. 

For more information on the Winter Relief Assistance Program, energy
efficiency and other e+ programs, contact Your Own Utilities at 891-4YOU
(4968) or visit online at Talgov.com/YOU. 

Sandra Manning, Utility Marketing Administrator, 891-6175 or 879-0853; or
Michelle Bono, Assistant to the City Manager, 891-8200


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