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Bennett: New Blind Services Director a Priority
"It's near the top of my priority list."
Those words are from Florida's new Education Commissioner Tony Bennett about 
a new Blind Services director.
In his first week on the job, Bennett says he met with interim Blind Services 
Aleisa McKinlay.
McKinlay is also the Vocational Rehabilitation Services Director.
Both divisions are part of the Department of Education.
Bennett says he's had a short discussion with McKinlay.
"We're very excited about the work we believe she can do," said Bennett. "But 
we are sensitive to the fact we want to make sure we have all the components in 
to make sure all the divisions of the department run smoothly," he said.
McKinlay was named interim director last month.
She took over for Joyce Hildreth.
Hildreth resigned in the wake of a services contract scandal.
One other DOE employee resigned and two others were fired.

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