[tabi] Re: Fw: 2010 General Election Sample Ballot Text Version

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  • Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2010 23:45:03 -0400

Yes and remember to vote republican:-)

I'm glad to be your humble and obedient servant,

Zechen Elder Daniel Ben Moshe,
B'ni Yahshuah Synagogue Of Broward County,
Choose ye this day whom you will serve.  If YHWH be Elohim, then serve him,
with all of your heart.  However, if baal be your god, then serve him.  As
for me, and my house.  We choose to serve YHWH!

The late Bishop Joe O Patterson told a story long ago, when i was a small
child.  about the show down, between Elijah, and the 450 false prophets of
baal. He shared with us how Elijah, stood, and told the false prophets to go
on ahead,and call their god first.   Because they had a much larger program.
He talked about how they had 450 participants to introduce. Elijah was so
sure of YHWH, he with confidence said, that he only had one.  Elijah also
reminded them, that they had to drag their fake god up the mountain side on
an ox cart.  Elijah also announced to the world, that his Elohim would be
there when he arrived.  He said mockingly, you go on ahead.  Heck, I will
even let you have prime time.  I'M going to take a nap, and when you guys
finish your foolishness, wake me up.  Go ahead now, take your best shot.
Bishop Joe O Patterson
A blessed memory



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what a great idea!
thanks Sila!


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Hello All,
Thanks to the great suggestion and urging of FCB's Immediate Past President,
Debbie Grubb, I called the Supervisor of Elections' office today and
requested an electronic version of the sample ballot. I wanted to share with
everyone in case it might help prior to casting your informed vote next
Take care,
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Subject: 2010 General Election Sample Ballot Text Version

Ms. Miller:
Attached to this email you will find two text only versions of the 2010
General Election Sample Ballot.  If you have any questions please do not
hesitate to contact us at the information below.
Nelson M. Rosario
Election Records Specialist
Supervisor of Elections Office
Physical Address:
315 S Calhoun Street, Suite 110
Tallahassee FL 32301
Mailing Address:
P O BOX 7357
Tallahassee FL 32314-7357
Voice (850) 606-VOTE (8683) 
Main Office Fax Line (850) 606-8601
www.LeonVotes.org <http://www.leonvotes.org/> 

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