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Hello, everyone:

Hope you're having a wonderful MLK, Jr. day.
I was wondering if any of you have used or use one of those Fry daddy fryers 
from Presto?
I was sent one for christmas because my friend thought it would be a safer way 
to fry than on the stove.
I know when it's hot you can't touch it except to pull out whatever food is 
being cooked.
I think I should probably use a pair of tongs and oven mitt to use it safely.
Any suggestions?

Christopher Thomas
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  this is the same one as the one I found on Amazon for $20.  Robert's right, 
it has a clock, and it has some alarm features like announcing the time and 
temp every hour, but you need sight to set all that up.


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  I just bought one from www.futureaids.com for $13.99 with free shipping.
  Very easy to set up without vision and has a 10-foot probe which makes it 
easy to find a good place for it.  It has a built in stand but comes with 
screws to mount it on the wall which is probably what I will do.


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    With the insanely cold weather we've been experiencing lately I've been 
encouraged to find a talking thermometer that I can keep inside my home that 
has a sensor I can put outside to check exactly what the weather is like in my 
neighborhood rather than my zip code. Instead of just doing a Google search or 
checking with the various companies who sell accessible products I thought some 
on the list might be able to offer me suggestions of units they've had success 
with or know about personally. I'd appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks! 
    Hoping One Day to Defrost,


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