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Subject: Transportation Disadvantaged Day at the Capitol

On March 17, 2011 the Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged,
officials and staff, will be in the courtyard of the Capitol.  In
addition, there will be a display of operators and vehicles from
around the state.   Many of those attending will be visiting elected
officials with the hope of convincing them to keep the Coordinated
Transportation System in tact.

Why your attendance is important…….

This year the legislators are once again dealing with tough economic
times.  We need decision makers to realize the benefits of each trip
taken through the coordinated system.  Local economies are stimulated
with each trip.  People do not leave their homes without accessing
medical services, making purchases, conducting business or getting to
employment.  All of these trips have considerable impact on local
communities and the state.  Because of these trips, people have jobs
to provide services and money is spent on these services.  These jobs
include the businesses that TD people visit to purchase goods, medical
personnel who are paid to provide their services, and drivers,
mechanics, customer service staff who all have jobs because of the
services they provide to the TD riders.  In the next few months there
are going to be some critical decisions made and we need to ensure
that TD voices are heard.

As always, thank you for your dedication to the needs of the
Transportation Disadvantaged,

Colleen D. Roland
Transportation Planner
Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency
300 South Adams Street Box A-19
Tallahassee, FL 32301
850 891-6812  (fax) 891-6832
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