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Yes, that would be a long walk. But you should have got in touch with your
Gide dog provider they would get the dog to a specilous that does dog eyes.
I thinking Gainesville Florida at Shand's Healthcare center. That would be
University of Florida. They should do this for you this is part of their
responceabiltly. Just some thoughts.

JP ( Joe Plummer)

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I was just visiting my vet to pick up some supplies and I learned of my dog
guide's developing eye problem. It's a totally natural eye disorder that
will primarily effect her sight at night; I think it's called lentacular
sclerosis. I inquired about getting her a full eye exam and was told nobody
in town does that but there's a free program going on this May I thought
many on the list might be interested in. 
Anyone interested in getting an appointment for their service dog during the
month of May for a free eye exam should first go to the website,
www.ACVO.org <http://www.acvo.org/>  to register, then call the Jacksonville
Animal Eye Clinic at (904)998-7805 to make an appointment for here in
Tallahassee which will meet at the 
Allied Emergency Veterinary Hospital
2324 Centerville Rd. Tallahassee, Fl. 32308. I believe all of the
appointments will be on Thursdays in May as those were the options I was
offered when my vet helped me make the appointment for Karly on May 13. 
    I hope everyone with a dog guide takes advantage of this amazing
opportunity as it's far too difficult to walk all the way to Jacksonville
just to get your puppy an eye exam. 
     Scott Greenblatt Esq.

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