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Hi, this was sent to me and I thought I would pass this along. So read
below. I think this will be another great resource for the blind and the Mac
and I device users .

JP ( Joe Plummer)

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Hi Folks,

     My apologies to anyone who doesn't like these kinds of "announcement"
messages.  I usually avoid making them, but in this case, I think the topic
certainly fits the subject of these lists.  I have started a new website
that is meant to be a resource place for blind users of both the Mac and
iDevices, and I wanted to invite the community to both visit it and to
definitely feel free to contribute to it.

     Now, I'll first preface this by saying that I know there are more than
a few sites out there that  are about the Mac or iDevices in regard to their
use by blind individuals.  In fact, I have used more than a few to help me
over the years in my efforts to learn how to utilize all of my Apple
products.  They are all done quite well, and I have a great deal of respect
and admiration for the folks who maintain them.  Understand that I am not
intending on competing or outdoing any single one of them, and, instead,
want mine to be an additional resource out there for the new, experienced or
potential user.  We are seeing a growing number of iPhone and iDevice users
that is leading to adoption of the Mac, and with all the frequent questions
that are consistently posed on the email lists, I wanted to gather material
and information to address these areas in one place where people can benefit
from the efforts of the community.

      You will see that it is done in a blog style.  This is for two
reasons.  Firstly, I want it to be a very community driven site in which the
users contribute their own information and material, and, subsequently,
become a part of it by posting their comments and helping it grow.  Also,
from the perspective of a guy who is not, by trade, a web designer, the Word
Press setup is easy to maintain and update without having to bother my
webmaster every other day.

      I can't emphasize enough the importance of having you guys choose to
help out.  I have collected quite a bit of material for reading and even
downloading over the years, which has also kindly  been contributed with
permission by various folks already.  Please take a long look at the site
and provide us with feedback.  Yes, you will see that there are areas that
are quite lacking, but this is where the community will come into play.  I
have put in place the foundation and structure of the site, but my goal is
to have you guys provide the building blocks and material that will
construct it into something more and more each passing day.  

     So not to clutter your inbox any more, you will read in my opening few
posts on the blog as to what it is we are looking for and how to contribute
to our effort.  Please feel free to look it all over and provide us with
feedback.  Let us know what we are missing, what we could do better and,
most importantly, please contribute with additional information and even
your questions.  Any and all suggestions would be appreciated, and we hope
that you guys will assist us in making it a comprehensive and diverse place
for the blind Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod user.

      You can visit us here,


Take Care

John D. Panarese
Mac for the Blind


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