[tabi] FW: [idmate] Fall 2009 id mate database now available

  • From: "Chip Orange" <Corange@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <tabi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2009 16:29:23 -0400



        From: idmate@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:idmate@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] On
Behalf Of Daniel
        Sent: Monday, September 28, 2009 2:45 PM
        To: idmate@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
        Subject: [idmate] Fall 2009 id mate database now available

        Now Available:
        i.d. mate Omni Database Version 3.2 & i.d. mate 2 Database
Version 2.5.1
        We have updates from all your favorite major national brands and
added 256,800 new records, including the long-awaited for Wal-Mart
private label items such as Great Value, Equate, Sam's, Spring Valley
and Simply Basic!!!! Please remember downloads and the CD-ROM require
having a compact flash card reader to upload the new database to your
flash card and firmware version 3.0. There are also Mail-in and
Ready-to-Go flash card options.
        To order your update contact En-Vision America 
        via phone 1-800-890-1180 or order online at
        Choose which i.d. mate model you own to see your update/upgrade
        i.d. mate 1: Description: Two piece with scanner wand. Voice
record all items. 
        * Extra Flash Memory cards are available
        * Recommended: purchase a new OMNI with onboard database of 2.7
million items
        * Other option: purchase a refurbished i.d. mate 2 with version
2.5.1 database.
        i.d. mate 2: Description: Two piece with scanner wand and
on-board database.
        * Database Version 2.4 with 1.7 million items and some extended
data. Requires a 512 MB compact flash card. Available formats: download
from online store, CD ROM, mail-in or Ready-to-Go compact flash card.
        * Database Version 2.5.1 with 2.7 million items and NO extended
data. Requires a 512 MB compact flash card. Available formats: download
from online store, CD ROM, mail-in or Ready-to-Go compact flash card.
        * Recommended: purchase a new i.d. mate OMNI with database
version 3.2 which includes extended data.
        i.d mate OMNI: Description: All in one piece, handheld unit with
on-board database. Check what version of firmware you have. Turn on your
i.d. mate. Press the Mode and Record button simultaneously. Your
firmware version should be announced to you. 
        * Any firmware version prior to 3.0 will require both new
firmware and database. Due to increasing size, you will need a 1
gigabyte CompactFlash card as well as our new V.3 firmware in order to
utilize this new database. V.3 firmware will increase the processing
speed of your i.d. Mate OMNI and provide you with the option to enable
an Inventory Mode and Barcode ID Mode. In order to use your current
custom voice recordings, they will need to be transferred from your
current 256 megabyte or 512 megabyte CompactFlash card to your new
1gigabyte card. Please remember to include your old card if you would
like us to make the transfer for you. 
        * If you have firmware version 3.0 or later upgrade to database
version 3.2 via download, CD-ROM, Mail-in, or on a Ready-to-Go compact
flash card. 
        * FREE: If your unit is under warranty and you have not received
a free update, you may request one via download, CD-ROM or Mail-in.
        * $50.00: Any version of database on download, CD-ROM or Mail-in
        * $90.00: Any version of database on a Ready-to-Go 1 gigabyte
Compact Flash Card
        * $75.00: OMNI V3 Firmware & Database v.3.2 upgrade, Return
        * $90.00: OMNI V3 Firmware & Database v.3.2 upgrade, Return
Shipping, and a new 1gigabyte Card
        * $140.00: OMNI V3 Firmware & Database v.3.2 upgrade, Return
Shipping, 1gigabyte Card, New Batteries, Assortment of barcode Labels,
CF Card Reader for future updates, and OMNI playing cards
        * $200.00: Refurbished i.d. mate 2 (14 day warranty/
non-refundable/ non-returnable)
        * $1299.00: New i.d. mate OMNI 
        * $25.00: Compact Flash Card reader for updating your card at
        To order visit us online at http://www.shop.envisionamerica.com.
<http://www.shop.envisionamerica.com.>  or call 1-800-890-1180.

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