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Hi all,

I received my new Sony earbuds which allow ambient sound to be heard along
with your music or book.  I'm comparing these to the Airdrives Fit earbuds
of the same type, which I've previously owned two pairs of, at around $30
each.  The Sony's were around $8, or $11 if you opted for the "sport" model,
which I did in hopes it would be sturdier.

I received them, and they do look sturdy enough; my guess is that the only
difference the extra $3 for the sport model  is this little clip on the wire
which allows you to clip the wire to your shirt or something, so they say
you won't lose your earbuds.  not worth it in my opinion.

The earbuds themselves don't secure quite as well to your ears as the
Airdrives fit do; but, the many reviews on Amazon for the Airdrives fit, now
that they've been out for several months, all talk about how easily broken
they are; which was exactly my finding.

The Sonys have, instead of a wire loop which goes all the way around your
ear and could be tightened, only have a plastic hook, roughly 3/4 of a
circle, which hangs over the top of your ear.  the earbud is suspended from
the hook, and does hang just outside your ear, much like the Airdrives fit.
perhaps if you want, it can be pushed further into your ear, but that's not
really the point in buying this kind of earbud.

The sound from either brand is very good; the Airdrives fit also have their
own volume control in the cord (not a big advantage in my opinion).  And so,
for $8 , I'd say the Sonys are the better buy, especially if they don't
break as often (and their reviews on Amazon were very good, with some owners
putting them through very rough conditions for several months).

below is my original post, with the Amazon link, if you wish to order the
Sonys, which also qualify for free shipping.



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Hi all,

Before I've posted about the new kind of ear-buds being sold, which hang
just outside your ear, to allow ambient noise to "leak" through whatever
you're listening to.  they're especially great for blind people, as they
don't isolate you from the world around you while allowing you to still hear
your talking book, talking gps, music, or whatever.

I've mentioned the AirDrives  Fit, around $30, and I have absolutely loved
them.  however, I've been through two of them so far and it's time for a
third pair (accidents happen, the new kitty happens, whatever).

So, I went looking to see what other companies had brought out, and I just
ordered the pair below from Sony for only $8.35!  And free shipping from
Amazon (if you meet their minimum order).  the reviews from other owners are

I thought I'd share the description and link from Amazon, in case others
might be interested, and so it's posted below.  Sony also makes a moisture
resistant version for $3 more.

"Sony presents h.ear Headphones for the first time with the MDR-J10 Black
Stereo Headphones.
These chic headphones feature Vertical in-the-ear design for comfort, a
headband-free Clip on Style that follows the contour of the ears, and a
Non-Slip, Stable Design for a Secure Fit while exercising, skating, dancing
or playing sports. The MDR-J10 also minimizes sound leakage for consistently
clear reproduction, while Open-air design enables you to hear ambient sound.
h.ear Headphones are here making listening on the go sound even better."



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