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Thanks Lynn; I'm definitely posting this one to TABI, because I think blind
people in particular, lack a sense of control of their financial lives,
often because they live on a relatively small amount of social security
benefits.  While this talk may be on investments, and you may feel you
aren't ready for investments, I'm sure there will also be additional
financial information that everyone can benefit from.  And of course, just
doing something, anything, which impacts your financial future tends to make
you feel more in control, which in turn leads you to take control and do
better.  I hope everyone who feels like they could use more money will
consider listening to this broadcast; making a commitment to themselves that
it will be the first step towards finding ways to improve their own
financial situation.

If there is interest after this broadcast, I'd be glad to setup a regular
TeamTalk meeting for those who wish to discuss financial matters of any
type, and at any level.  There is something that every person can find to do
to improve their situation, the trick is being willing to go looking.



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chip thought you amy be interested in this one:

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> Planning, March 16, 2010
> News Wire:
> Last month we learned all about Vegas and how to hopefully win some money.
> This month we will learn what to do with our winnings!  Come join us 
> on Tuesday March 16 for Classroom of the Air - Financial Planning 101.
> Our speaker, Dean Wells, has worked in financial planning for 11 years. 
> He
> started at Charles Schwab where he worked for 4 years.  He left Schwab 
> to take over an Edward Jones office following the departure of the 
> broker there.  After working with Jones for 5 Years he moved to LPL 
> Financial and opened his own Office where he works as an Independent
Financial Advisor.
> Dean will be covering the basics of financial planning.  He'll talk 
> about bonds, mutual funds, IRAs, stocks, annuities and more.  He will 
> define these things and cover some pros and cons of each investment 
> type.  Dean will not be giving financial advice during this 
> presentation.  He will be educating us on types of investments so 
> we'll be better able to make sound decisions on our own.
> Group Discussion Leaders
> Joann Becker,
> Email: joannbecker@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Sherry Wells
> E-mail: sdwells@xxxxxxxxxx
> Date: Tuesday, March 16, 2010
> Time: 6:00 PM PST, 7:00 PM MST, 8:00 PM CST, 9:00 PM EST
>         and elsewhere in the world Wednesday 2:00 GMT.
> Approximately 15 minutes prior to the event start time; go to the 
> Accessible World Classroom at:
> http://conference321.com/masteradmin/room.asp?id=rs0f1c528bd81b
> Or, alternatively,
> Select The Accessible World Classroom Room at: www.accessibleworld.org 
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> listen. If no microphone is available, you may text chat with the 
> attendees.
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