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Listed below are the road closures on 3/27 and 3/28 for Springtime
Tallahassee events.


TPD officers at the below locations will allow Capitol employees/tenants to
enter/exit Capitol lots to conduct business. You will need to relay that
information to the officers at that intersection.



6:00AM through 4:00AM Saturday 3/28

.             Duval St. from Madison St. to Pensacola St.


12:00PM (noon) through 12:00AM Saturday 3/28

.             Pensacola St. from Adams to Bronough

.             Duval St. from Pensacola to Jefferson 

*City Hall garage parking will be accessible from Pensacola/Duval until
noon, then via Jefferson Street until the beginning of the event at 5:30PM.
There will be no access in or out of City Hall garage after 5:30PM as
thousands of attendees will be on Duval St. during the event.



5:00AM until 7:00PM - Downtown Jubilee 

.             Adams from Pensacola to Call

.             College from Monroe to Duval

.             Park from Monroe to Duval

.             Duval from College to Park


6:00AM until 1:00PM - Parade Staging Area

.             Monroe from Tennessee St. to Seventh Ave.


7:30AM until 10:00AM - Springtime Tallahassee 10K

.             Monroe from Apalachee Parkway to Tennessee St. until
approximately 8:45AM

.             Call, Franklin, Lafayette until approximately 9:15AM


10:00AM until 1:00PM - Parade Route

.             Monroe from Tennessee St. to Madison St.

.             Madison St. from Monroe St. to Railroad Ave.

.             Adjacent blocks along the route

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