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FYI – here is the agenda & staff analysis for the special TD meeting
Wednesday from Colleen Roland

From: Roland, Colleen [mailto:Colleen.Roland@xxxxxxxxxx]
Subject: October 28, 2009 Special TDCB meeting

The agenda is below

Tallahassee - Leon County
Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board Meeting
4:00 P.M.
Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Gemini Building
Second Floor Conference Room
408 North Adams Street

1. Call to Order (Commissioner Rackleff)

2.  Community Transportation Coordinator (Colleen Roland) See attached
staff report.

3. Adjournment  (Commissioner Rackleff)

 Next meeting:  January 20, 2010 at 4 PM.

Staff Analysis: Community Transportation Coordinator


Note:  Information used to develop this analysis is the Annual
Operating Report (AOR) and data provided by coordinators in adjacent
counties.  The Annual Operating Report was chosen because it is the
official state-required reporting document and is also used to
calculate the trip payment rates to operators contracting with the
coordinated system. The AOR calculates the true cost of providing a
trip from both an administrative and operational viewpoint.

As staff reviewed the current AOR it was noted that less money than
the previous year was going to the delivery of transportation services
coupled with increasing administrative costs.


In its 2002 appointment as the CTC, StarMetro agreed to be paid $2.10
per trip for administrative costs. One increase was requested and
granted by the TDCB, raising that cost to $3. For most of their tenure
as CTC, the administrative costs were covered by this amount.

Given the projected number of trips for FY 2010 (8,328 bus passes and
48,537 paratransit) the total fee gathered should be $170,595.

The total operating expenses projected by StarMetro for the upcoming
year is $314,095.  This represents an overage of $143,500.  Returning
to a $3 per trip fee would then release funding for transportation
services, but it appears that the $3 administrative fee no longer
covers their expenses.

However, upon acceptance of the role of CTC in 2002, the City
Commission directed that no local money should be spent to support the
duties of the CTC.  One option would be to raise the administrative
fee paid to StarMetro But to raise the co-payment would eliminate
substantial funding for transportation services.

A private sector CTC would have to accept the $3 payment per trip/bus
pass and nothing more.

StarMetro’s administrative costs include costs that are reduced or
eliminated in the private sector.  Such items include higher salary
standards, fringe benefit package costs, insurance, and internal
operating costs.   StarMetro’s salary costs are increased by an
additional 78.12% to cover these expenses.  Below is a comparison.

Salary Standards


Reservationist Starting Wage

Fringe/Indirect cost %

Leon (Star Metro) $8.82 78% (a)

Wakulla $7.25 26%

Gadsden $7.25 41%

Jefferson $7.25 41%

(a) source City of Tallahassee Accounting Services and the adopted
Cost Allocation Plan

Private sector can also transport private passengers that add to the
health of their overall bottom line.

More funding available for transportation services means more trips.
At the present time the City of Tallahassee also requires that each
operator carry a minimum of $1,000,000 insurance coverage.  The state
requires $100,00/200,000.  This would likely reduce the insurance
premium of the operator.

Upon notification by StarMetro to the Commission for the
Transportation Disadvantaged (CTD), the CTD would appoint an interim
CTC for six months.  During the interim the TDCB would complete and
advertise an RFP for the CTC.

The TDCB has requested that if this occurs the CTD require that the
interim CTC honor all terms of existing, executed contracts.
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