[tabi] FW: New Blind Mice Movie Vault-Your Help Needed

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FYI, I thought some of you might like to take part in this. So read below.


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Subject: New Blind Mice Movie Vault-Your Help Needed

Are you ready for a new Movie Vault?
One where you can search for a movie?
That is right, you can search for a movie!
And you can search by the title of the movie, a key word in the title, the name 
of an actor/actress, or by the genre of the movie!
But the Mice need your help before this can happen!!
They need volunteers to help fill the new movie vault wit the movie information!
Once completed, you will get the year of release, the rating o the movie, its 
running time as well as a brief summary of the movie, its stars, and its genres!
But, the Mice need your help moving the movies from the old movie vault to the 
new one!
The Mice will send volunteers a list of about 25 movies at a time…
You will need to get a little info for the movies from the internet movie data 
and then upload the movie information to the new Movie Vault.
You will be given a special security clearance to access and edit the Movie 
Vault at the new site for the Mice!
If you think you might be interested in helping,
Email the Mice at:
And we will send  you the instructions for what is needed…
If you decide you can help, let us know and we will send you a list of movies 
and  set up your log in information for the new site.
Have a Mice Day,
The Mice

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