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  • Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 10:41:51 -0400

Hi all,
if you're a window eyes user, or trainer, and you're not constantly
utilizing scripts; then in my opinion you're not getting nearly the
power from window eyes that you could.  below is an offer from GW Micro
to teach you how to "use" scripts (completely separate from how to write
I hope any window eyes user who feels any uncertainty about using window
eyes scripts will consider this class.


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        Have you wanted to use scripts with Window-Eyes, but you are not
sure how? Do you need some extra help with using all of the great
functionality provided by the scripts included with Window-Eyes? Then,
sign up today for phone training for using scripts. 
        GW Micro is proud to announce the latest addition to our
telephone training: Script Training. This training will focus on how to
install scripts, how to configure scripts, and how to use the scripts
included with Window-Eyes. This class will also cover how to use Script
Central, how to download and save scripts, how to install and update
scripts, how to use Script Manager, and more. This is the perfect
opportunity to learn how to take advantage of what Window-Eyes has to
        You can purchase one hour of this phone training for $99. Or,
purchase two hours and save $30 for a total of $168. 
        To sign up or for more information, contact Kimberly Cline at
(260) 489-3671, ext. 601, or via email at kimberly@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
If you are interested in writing scripts, you should sign up for a
Window-Eyes Script Writing class. For more information on telephone
training, a Script Writing class or other Window-Eyes training class, be
sure to check out www.gwmicro.com/training. 

        The gw-news list is an announce only list used for GW Micro news
and product information.

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