[tabi] FW: Lighthouse of the Big Bend seeks your input RE Technology seminar topics

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Hi Liz,
I'd also like to add:
* reading a Word document (both window-eyes and jaws)
* scripting a screen reader for improved accessibility: (window-eyes and
(this one I suggest could cover the advantages of each screen reader in it's
approach to scripting, and how and why scripting can turn an inaccessible
software program into a usable one; I don't mean to suggest a "how to write
scripts" kind of seminar, but more why users would want to use them).
* Using the Kindle PC program (just made accessible, it now has opened up
350000 e-books to PC users)
* the advantages of Outlook over free email clients (I get this question a
* the advantages of upgrading to windows 7 from xp (and this one)


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seminar topics

Hello everyone!  We're asking for your input.  Below you will find topic
ideas for this years' technology seminars at the Lighthouse.  Please feel
free to rank them, or add more of your own.  Not included on the list are
topics such as how to choose a cell phone, which are visited at least once
per year.  There are six slots left, so feel free to let us know what you
would like to learn about! To return your input, copy any of the following
topics, in to an email message and return it to
<mailto:ebowden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> ebowden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  

Alternatively, you can reply to this message, and put an "X" in the
underlined area next to the topics you would like to learn about.  You have
until February 15 to submit your preferences.  After that, the top six items
will be used to create topics for this year.  The topics are as follows.    



___  Window-eyes on the internet

___  Quitter, the program


___  Facebook 101

___  The basics of using the Internet 

___  Reading a PDF file 

___  Accessing iTunes 

___  Social networking 

___  Computer Maintenance


___  Email, tips and tricks, doo's and don'ts


___  Hadley School computer courses, other places for accessible learning


___  Shop Shop Shop!! (shopping safely on the internet) 


___  Scan and Read 

(about new developments in scanning technology)

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