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Hi, I was compelled to put this on list now since there seems to be so much
email on this. Please read my comments to her after she wrote me off list.
The Battle has came to a truths!

JP ( Joe Plummer)

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Yes, we can! Yes, I appreciate anything that anyone does for the blind
community if they  are  trying to help or make it better. 

JP ( Joe Plummer)

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I would have saved the post--I tho9ught it was on the bottom of my
reply--that made me believe you weren't appreciative of Allison Orange's
efforts to help us out whenever information we need isn't available.  If I
was wrong, I'm sory; I just don't want to turn off people from helping, as
we have precious few who understand issues blind people face and are willing
to help out, when they can.
Thanks also for the explanation about heating; we live in a rental, so it
seems we have few options--excedpt fort the ones Chip suggested--to save
energy here.
Were I alone, I'd seldom use the heat, but air condition I need. <smile>
Darla Who hopes we can burry the hatchet, so to speak
Darla J. Rogers
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