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Hi, thought some of you might find this interesting and might like to sign
this. See below.

Joe Plummer (JP)
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Subject: Jawslite

Hi everyone,
Sorry this is a bit off topic, but i thought it would be of much interest to
many of you here who use Jaws, the screen reader for the windows PC.
"Jawslite Petition
This is a petition for a version of jaws, from Freedom Scientific, called
"jawslite", to be made as a free download and to include basic screen
reading capabilities to make for a lite screen reader when a full version of
Jaws is not required. It should also be made to run on a memory stick, or
thum drive, for use on the fly with out the need to install the "Jaws Video
Intersept" on the host PC. The intersept may however be installed on the
memory stick or thumb drive."
Please go to:
To sign the petition now!!
Lets forge a better screen reader future together!! DO IT NOW!!
With warmest regards,
Richard Howarth - BAVIS CEO
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