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Hi, thought some of you would be interested in this that was passed along to
me. So I pass it along to you all.

JP ( Joe Plummer)

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Matt Presnell

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Hi Matt, Icon will not receive Android at all. But the new Orion
products that will soon replace Icon will indeed run the Android
operating system.  It will be possible to run select 3rd party
applications on Orion.


All hardware and software development on older Icon and Braille+ has
been completed. We do not foresee future hardware   and software upgrade
on the old platform.  All development is concentrated on Orion.


Orion will also have Braille keyboards .... one model will sport an 18
cell Braille display, while the other one will have synthetic speech
only.  Both models will speak through the excellent Ivona TTS.


I will keep you informed on Orion as we get closer to release date ...
and I will enter your name in a draw for an Orion ... The draw will take
place on product release date.







Guido D. Corona

Level star LLC.

685 S. Arthur Ave. Unit 1A 

Louisville, Colorado 



Phone: (800) 315-2305, x.1


From: Presnell, Matt [mailto:Matt.Presnell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Hi, I hear that level star icon is going with the Android OS ? If this
is so and it is going to have the Android OS on it, will it have the
ability to download and use apps for the Android ? Also if this is going
to be the OS for the icon will the icon hardware be getting upgraded to
like from the mechanical HD to the new SSD drive and a much powerful
processer and more memory ?





Matt Presnell


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