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Fort Wayne, IN (May 22, 2012) - Last December, GW Micro announced a free gift 
to everyone in the form of GWConnect (formerly known as GWSkype). GWConnect is 
an accessible program for your PC that is plugged into Skype™ and offers many 
great features including free voice calls and text chat.  GW Micro has been 
hard at work to add many of the features that you have been asking for.  Among 
its many new features and enhancements include the ability to rename contacts, 
create custom contact groups, send SMS messages, manage multiple live calls, 
set your voicemail greetings, and even set your privacy settings from within 

One of the most common requests we received is for GWConnect to be able to run 
ad-free.  GWConnect 2.0 introduces method of running without without 
advertisements!  While GWConnect is available for free to all users, like many 
other free apps, it includes periodic advertisements. While Window-Eyes 
customers have always enjoyed a commercial-free experience, users of GWConnect 
who were not Window-Eyes customers would receive a short advertisement every 
thirty minutes.

You have asked and we have listened.  GW Micro is proud to announce that 
GWConnect users who are not already Window-Eyes customers, and wish to have an 
advertisement free experience with GWConnect, can now choose to purchase 
activation keys to remove GWConnect advertisements.  By purchasing an 
activation key, anyone is able to have a commercial free experience!  After 
purchasing and installing the activation key for GWConnect, you will no longer 
receive advertisements when using GWConnect.  

You can purchase a GWConnect activation key for two different time periods: 
monthly or annually.  An activation key provides you with the ability to use 
GWConnect with no advertising on up to five computers.  If you choose not to 
purchase an activation key, you can continue running GWConnect for free with 
advertisements. Or, if you are a Window-Eyes customer running version 7.0 or 
later, there is no need for you to purchase an activation key because you are 
already experiencing GWConnect ad-free.

The cost for a GWConnect activation key is only $4.99 per month or $49 per 
year.  Call the GW Micro Orders Department now at (260) 489-3671.  You may also 
order online at www.gwmicro.com/catalog/gw_connect.  Please note that you are 
not purchasing a license to run GWConnect, but instead purchasing an ad-free 
experience during your GWConnect session.

An Internet connection is required to use GWConnect. Free technical support is 
available via the GW-Apps email list, which you can sign up for at 

For more information on all of the new features and enhancements to GWConnect, 
visit http://www.gwmicro.com/Apps/gwconnect. 

Skype™ is a trademark of Skype Technologies S.A.

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