[tabi] FW: GW Micro Announces Special Sale!

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        Subject: GW Micro Announces Special Sale!


        GW Micro would like to announce a special deal happening on some
of the blindness and low-vision products we have to offer! These
products are demo units that have been thoroughly tested by GW Micro and
are in great working condition.  GW Micro is including a limited 30-day
warranty with these products.  The products on sale are the following: 




        Braille Sense Plus:  $1900.00 each


        Braille Sense Plus QT:  $1900.00 each


        Voice Sense: $700.00 each


        SyncBraille:  $700.00 each


        SenseView Duo:   $350.00 each


        SevseView Light:   $200.00 each


        Senseview P430:   $250.00 each


        BookSense XT:   $200.00 each




        Shipping charges are not included in the sale price and will be
added to the order.




        If you or anyone you know is interested in one of these
products, act fast as the supplies are limited!  This offer will be good
while supplies last.  If you have any questions about this offer or
would like to place an order, please call GW Micro at 260-489-3671.  You
may also e-mail the Orders department at orders@xxxxxxxxxxxx 


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