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GW Micro Announces SocialEyesWow!!! I never really thought anybody would get 
that one done. I don't think FS can top that one!! This might even tempt me to 
try Facebook -- maybe. 

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  GW Micro, Inc. Announces SocialEyes
  Fort Wayne, Indiana (July 3, 2013) - GW Micro, Inc. (www.gwmicro.com) is 
proud to announce SocialEyes, an application for Windows-based PCs that 
provides access to Facebook via a consistent, keyboard friendly and fully 
accessible user interface.

  While Facebook is committed to enhancing the accessibility of the Facebook 
website, screen reader users often find navigating the default interface 
overwhelming and cumbersome. Using standard and common controls, SocialEyes 
brings a fresh, streamlined and easy to use interface to the Facebook social 
networking platform.

  SocialEyes offers Facebook users the ability to access their newsfeed, read 
comments, create comments, like posts, search for events, pages, friends, 
groups, and more. Users can also read notifications, messages, chat with their 
friends, write on timelines, manage friend requests, and access event 
information. SocialEyes even has the ability to attach links, photos, or video 
to status updates.

  SocialEyes also provides additional features, such as custom notification 
sounds, and message filtering, all designed to help you stay in touch with all 
of your Facebook friends.

  SocialEyes is compatible with Window-Eyes and other popular screen readers.  
Low vision users may also benefit from SocialEyes by using it with a screen 
magnifier, such as ZoomText.

  A SocialEyes annual subscription can be purchased for $50, but for a limited 
time, you can get an annual subscription for only $25. SocialEyes will be made 
available for purchase soon, and pre-orders are now being accepted by GW Micro. 
You can pre-order SocialEyes today by calling GW Micro at (260) 489-3671.

  To learn more about SocialEyes, please check out the Introduction to 
SocialEyes video tutorial. The video can be accessed from GW Micro's YouTube 
channel: http://youtu.be/ULm6DW4zAmw and can also be downloaded from the GW 
Micro website: www.gwmicro.com/Training/Tutorials/Video/SocialEyes_Intro.mp4. A 
text transcript is also available at: 

  Dan Weirich
  GW Micro, Inc.
  725 Airport North Office Park
  Fort Wayne, IN 46825
  Email: sales@xxxxxxxxxxx
  Web: www.gwmicro.com


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