[tabi] FW: Feb. 17 and March 24 commission meetings (NOVA 2010 on agendas) -IMPORTANT INFO

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Below is an email from someone on another email list.  She inaccurately gives 
John Plescow credit for the FaceBook page mentioned, it was actually Owan 
McCall who created it.

However, her point about Nova2010 being removed from the regular March 
commission meeting and being rescheduled into it's own public hearing is really 
the important point of this message.


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> Subject: Feb. 17 and March 24 commission meetings (NOVA 2010 
> on agendas) -IMPORTANT INFO
> If you can't make it to this week's important meeting (it's 
> at 3:30 on Weds, Feb. 17) you can watch it on WCOT live or 
> later in the same evening...see schedule at:
> http://www.talgov.com/communications/wcot.cfm
> See the agenda for the Feb. 17 meeting and Ron Garrison's reports at:
> http://www.talgov.com/commission/meetings/100217t/agenda.html
> March 24 public hearing on Nova2010-
> Also, all the emailing last Thurs. made a difference. There 
> is going to be a public hearing re: nova2010 at the March 24 
> regular city commission meeting (the March 10 meeting now 
> will NOT discuss Nova2010).  Starmetro will be asking for a 
> final approval/route finalization from the commission at that 
> meeting.  I hope all of you can be there and bring friends 
> help to tell them before the meeting via email and phone, too.
> Also, John Plescow has set up a new Facebook page for 
> Nova2010 opponents - if you're on Facebook, search term 'Say 
> No to Nova2010' and you should find it.  
> Thanks,
> Sue Ellen
> (Sorry for not using the google group but there aren't a lot 
> of folks using it at the moment.  I've only sent this to 
> people who responded to me directly in agreement that 
> Nova2010 has major problems that haven't been addressed.)
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