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I've been asked to publish the following email conversation re Nova


I have to agree with Owen: Mr. Garrison is definitely taking what looks
to be a polite statement such as "I can certainly understand your need
to ...", and goes on to claim support for his ideas from this, and
implies the author is in full agreement with Mr. Garrison.  I think this
is playing fast and lose with the truth, and makes all of Mr. Garrison's
claims for support from other organizations for the disabled, suspect.







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Please, see the following related to Nova2010.



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Looking at the e-mail from Mr. Garrison and the e-mail from Ms. Worley
of the Lighthouse, one could argue that StarMetro (specifically Mr.
Garrison) has once again distorted certain facts as they relate to Nova

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FW: NOVA 2010 


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Hi John. We definitely applaude the use of the octagonal poles and the
large print signs. As a non-profit, we certainly do understand budget
constraints. However, Barbara and I DID advocate for braille signage in
our conversation with StarMetro staff. We believe that any signs with
large print should also have braille.




Evelyn Worley, COMS, CVRT
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        As we discussed I wanted to address this myself, as I have
spoken to Mr. Plescow on numerous occasions.  Consequently, I wanted to
take a little more time with this.


        Mr. Plescow, 
        Thank you for your suggestions for improvements to the new route
structure and your support of our upgraded bus stop design. StarMetro
chose the octagonal design to make the stops readily identifiable to the
visually impaired. Using the octagonal design goes above and beyond the
Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG);
moreover, the design has received support from Ability First, Lighthouse
of the Big Bend, and the Transit Advisory Committee. Using this StarStop
pole design represents StarMetro's commitment to providing excellent
customer service and improving accessibility for our patrons.

        Employing Braille placards/route identifiers is not common
practice in the transit industry, nor is it required by the ADAAG.
Systems like Gainesville RTS and Lynx (Orlando Metro) do not have
Braille placards on their bus stops or stop identifiers in their system.
In addition, Broward County Transit (who also employs the octagonal
pole) does not place Braille placards on their bus stops. We also
contacted the Florida Department of Transportation ADA Coordinator,
Ability First, and Lighthouse of the Big Bend concerning this issue.
They understand our decision not to use Braille placards and applaud us
for both using the octagonal poles and large lettered route identifiers
at the stops. 

        The problem with employing Braille placards and stop identifiers
is the costs and logistics to employ and maintain the system, making it
cost prohibitive. The placards would have to be ordered and made stop
specific before they could be installed. Depending on the amount of
information that must be contained on the Braille placard, a separate
sign would need to be ordered. After installation, maintenance crews
would be required to survey the stops on a regular basis to ensure the
Braille placards are still in place. If the stops were individually
numbered as requested, any time a new stop was added or a stop was
removed all of the affected routes or stops would need to be renumbered.
For these reasons, it is difficult to employ Braille placards. 

        By employing the octagonal poles, we would only buy one piece of
equipment to make the stops identifiable to the visually impaired. In
the event a stop is removed, damaged, or stolen, it can be quickly
replaced. In addition, each stop will have a route identification sign
placed on it with 3" high letters consistent with ADAAG.

        With the exception of the transfer points and a few route
segments, stops along each corridor are only served by one route as
compared to multiple routes on corridors today. Therefore, patrons will
be able to quickly identify what route they are riding and its
destinations. StarMetro is also redesigning the Ride Guide this fall
making it more readable and accessible to the visually impaired
community. StarMetro is also exploring the possibility of employing a
trip planning application prior to the launch of nova2010. The trip
planning software will allow patrons to enter their origin and
destination in a website and receive transit travel instructions similar
to what is produced by MapQuest or Google Maps. All of these
improvements will make the new structure easier to navigate and for our

        Again, thank you for your time and voicing your concerns and
improvements to the new system. 


        Ronald L. Garrison 
        Executive Director 
        555 So. Appleyard Dr. 
        Tallahassee, FL 32304 
        P 850-891-5044 
        *  EMAIL: nova2010project@xxxxxxxxxx 
        *  CALL: nova2010 Hotline, (850) 891-5283 
        *  FOLLOW: nova2010 on facebook & twitter 


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        Al - please provide a response to the customer. 
        Jay Townsend 
        Assistant City Manager 
        Development and Transportation 
        City Hall, 4th Floor 
        300 S. Adams Street 
        Tallahassee, Florida 32301-1731 
        Office:  (850)891-8208 
        Fax:  (850)891-8669 
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        Please address Mr.. Plescow's concerns regarding NOVA 2010. 
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        To: Branch, Cathy 
        Subject: NOVA 2010 
        On August 12, 2010, I visited the CK Steele Plaza. I was there
to see the public meeting advertised by StarMetro and the City of
Tallahassee.  During my visit I spoke with Mr. Waterman and other
Starmetro staff regarding my concerns about the new bus routing plan.

        StarMetro has agreed to use octagonal shaped poles to hold the
bus stop signs. 
        They believe that the unique eight-sided posts will make it
easier for blind and visually impaired bus riders to be able, with just
a touch, to identify that they are at a bus stop. 

        I was also informed that Braille placards, that would identify
the route, may not be place on the post, at the bus stops. 

        The reasoning as I understand it is that the octagonal post were
all that was needed to identify the location as a bus stop.  Yes, the
uniquely shaped post will help individuals identify that they are at a
bus stop. But, without adequate and accessible signage, they will not
know if the bus they need serves that bus stop. 

        Given the complex nature of the new routing system, and since
riders will no longer have the reliable option of asking for routing
information at the ticket window at C.K. Steele Plaza, I suggested that
every bus stop be uniquely identified by a three digit code.  For
example, the 22nd stop on the Gulf route could be identified as G22.
This simple three character code would provide both a way to identify
the route and the specific stop. 

        I further suggested like addresses, the even stop numbers could
be on the same side of the street with the even number addresses and the
odd stop numbers located on the odd side of the street.  Thus a rider
would know if he was getting off/on at G22, that stop would be on the
even side of the street. 

        Note that there will be some stops that multiple bus routes will
use. In those cases, more than one placard could be used.  For example,
a stop could show it was G22, and R20. This would insure that bus riders
could be confident that they were using the correct stop. 


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