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You know, all of these are available on people first, so I don't really see
why they should be posted here.

thanks for the thought, but how about just posting job opportunities not on
people first (and so which many people wouldn't have easy access to).




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FYI, if cannot use it pass it along


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The Florida Legislature
Joint Administrative Procedures Committee (JAPC)

Job Title:
Coordinator, Joint Administrative Procedures Committee

General Summary:
The JAPC is a joint standing committee of the Legislature.  The JAPC
Coordinator is selected by and serves at the pleasure of the President of
the Senate and the Speaker of the House to direct the work of staff who
review agency action pursuant to the operation of the Administrative
Procedure Act, Chapter 120, F.S., particularly as these actions relate to
the rulemaking process.  The Coordinator manages the work of JAPC staff by
setting priorities, directing research, reviewing work progress, and
approving final reports and correspondence.  The Coordinator is responsible
for submitting an annual report to the presiding officers and recommending
needed legislation or other appropriate action. 

Examples of Work Performed: 

Coordinates the work of staff who maintain a continuous review of the
statutory authority on which each administrative rule is based.

Maintains a continuous review of administrative rules and identifies and
requests an agency to repeal any rule for which the statutory authority has
been repealed.

Reviews administrative rules and advises the agencies concerned of its

Exercises the duties prescribed by Chapter 120, F.S., concerning the
adoption and promulgation of rules.

Generally reviews agency action pursuant to the operation of Chapter 120,
F.S., the Administrative Procedure Act.

Consults regularly with legislative standing committees that have
jurisdiction over the subject areas addressed in agency proposed rules.

Seeks judicial review, on behalf of the Legislature or the citizens of the
state, of the validity or invalidity of any administrative rule to which the
committee has voted an objection.

Maintains a continuous review of the administrative rulemaking process,
including a review of agency procedure and of complaints based on such
agency procedure.

Establishes measurement criteria to evaluate whether agencies are complying
with the delegation of legislative authority in adopting and implementing

Maintains a continuous review of statutes that authorize agencies to adopt
rules and makes recommendations.
Supervises, plans, and directs the preparation of research projects and
other major office documents. 

Consults and maintains communication with agencies and organizations to
identify issues that require legislative attention. 

Prepares or reviews written and oral communication initiated in response to
inquiries from legislative members, committee or unit staff, press, and the

Maintains a high level of expertise in subject area and monitors all
significant changes and activities. 

Recommends selection of and trains, disciplines, and evaluates the
performance of staff.  Plans workloads, workflows, deadlines, work
objectives, and time utilization with employees. 

Prepares necessary office reports and budget documents.

Provides recommendations, training, or other services to assist the

Participates in formulating and implementing policies and procedures for

Performs other related duties as required. 

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: 
Knowledge of the legislative process. 
Knowledge of legal terminology and legal research. 
Knowledge of computer word processing, spreadsheet, and database programs.
Knowledge of the methods of data collection and analysis.
Knowledge of Florida state government, laws, legislative rules, and legal
Knowledge of the subject matter under the jurisdiction of the office. 
Knowledge of the principles and practices of supervision and management.

Skill in reading comprehension, analysis, and organization. 
Ability to provide legal counsel.
Ability to interpret state and federal legislation, laws, and rules.
Ability to perform legal writing and prepare various legal documents.
Ability to research legal documents and legal references.
Ability to communicate effectively and concisely, both orally and in
Ability to take action in situations that lack clear direction. 
Ability to deal tactfully and courteously with the demands of the public and
Ability to conduct meetings and make presentations. 
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with
Ability to plan, organize, and direct work and evaluate results and
alternative strategies. 
Ability to utilize research and analytical skills. 
Ability to process large amounts of information from diverse sources and
integrate that information into logical format for presentation in reports,
documents, and other written materials. 
Ability to be resourceful and act independently.
Ability to organize and implement sound management skills that result in an
effective, coordinated function.
Ability to do short- and long-range program project planning.
Ability to understand and apply rules, regulations, policies, and
Ability to assess budgetary needs. 
Ability to formulate policies. 
Ability to supervise people. 
Ability to train others. 

Minimum Qualifications: 

Admission to The Florida Bar and nine years of professional experience in
the practice of law, legal research, teaching law, or in administrative or
judicial hearings.  Four years of this experience must have been in an
administrative/supervisory capacity for a legislative committee, executive
or judicial branch of state government or for similar groups at the staff
director level or above. Experience as policy committee staff in a
legislative body is desirable but not required.

$70,128 - $175,296 annually
The Legislature offers a competitive benefits package.

Application Deadline:
Open until filled

Submission of Application:
Qualified applicants should send a completed legislative application and
resume to:
                   Office of Legislative Services
                   Human Resources Office
                   Suite 701, Claude Pepper Building
                   111 West Madison Street
                   Tallahassee, FL   32399-1400

Applications are available through the Florida Legislature's website Online
Sunshine or by calling (850) 488-6803.

Accommodation for Disability:
If an accommodation is needed for a disability, please notify Human
Resources at
(850) 488-6803.

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