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  • Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2012 12:34:57 -0400


Thank you. We have it so good here than so many other places.

Sally Benjamin
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  What a nice thing to do Sally; good luck, and I hope spreading the word 
around will get you a few more canes.





  From: Sally Benjamin [mailto:salbenjamin@xxxxxxxxxxx] 
  Sent: Sunday, April 08, 2012 8:23 PM
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  Hello Fellow TCB Members,


  Ten people from our church are leaving on a mission trip to Haiti next 
saturday, april 14th. William and I are going to send our old canes that are 
still in good shape but we don't need any more. So, if you have any canes that 
are just sitting around and need a home this is a great time to find a place 
for them.  They must be folding canes please so they will pack easily.


  Please bring them to the meeting on Thursday night and I will collect them 
and get them to the right person so they can take them on the trip.


  I would really appreciate any help you can give and I know the blind people 
who receive them will appreciate them.


  This is not something you absolutely have to do but if you contribute, thanks 
in advance for your help.


  Sally Benjamin

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