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CSUN 2010 - GW Micro Announcements and NewsHI Chip,

I am not sure since we weren't told anything ahead of time but I would think 
so.  I'll ask marc and get back with you.


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  Hey Robert,

  is the seminar at the Lighthouse in April going to have these new products, 
like the new voicesense and the new booksense?




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    It's another exciting year for GW Micro at CSUN 2010.  We have many 
exciting things to unveil to you beginning with the brand new BookSense DS. 

    BookSense DS 


    The BookSense DS is the first and only book player to have a display, and 
not just any type of display, an OLED display.  Cutting edge technology meets 
assistive technology with the BookSense DS.  While looking like a standard MP3 
player, it is capable of everything you have come to know and love from the 
BookSense, including the ability to play NLS, RFB&D, MP3, music from iTunes 
(MP4), Word 2003 and 2007 document, DAISY books, and more.  The BookSense DS 
also boasts 4 GB of built-in memory, along with an SD card slot that accepts 
high-capacity memory cards.  The built-in accessible FM radio even receives 
reception from radio stations without the need for headphones.  On the front of 
the unit, the keys have spaces between them making finding each key simple for 
customers who may lack feeling in their fingers. 

    The OLED display is fantastic for the classroom or students who have 
learning difficulties.  Teachers can use the display to see what the students 
are doing, or to see what the BookSense is saying.  Students with learning 
difficulties will be able to follow along on the screen when reading an 
accessible DAISY textbook or a document to help reinforce the material.  
Students will be able to see and hear the textbooks, and they can even adjust 
the rate of how fast they read to make reading fun and easy. 

    Voice Sense QWERTY 


    At long last, this is the Voice Sense that so many of our customers have 
been asking for.  The Voice Sense QWERTY combines the latest technology of the 
Braille Sense Plus with the small footprint of the Voice Sense.  Weighing in at 
less than one pound, the Voice Sense QWERTY is the only notetaker to offer a 
built-in GPS receiver and a digital compass to make it simple to navigate 
around your home or to find your way to the train station, restaurant, grocery 
store, or practically any other location.  

    Teachers and students will enjoy the new support for accessible DAISY 
textbooks using the NIMAS format.  You can also read Microsoft Word 2003 and 
2007 documents, along with numerous other formats.  Carrying on the tradition 
of the other Sense notetakers, the Voice Sense QWERTY has a powerful line-up of 
applications to help make you productive in your educational and work 
environment, or in your personal life.  Browse the web with built-in Wi-Fi or 
listen to the Voice Sense QWERTY with a Bluetooth headset.  Whether you are a 
working professional, a student, retired, or if you have low vision, the Voice 
Sense QWERTY is the small, easy solution to keep you in touch with your friends 
and family, keep you organized, or to use as entertainment. 

    Desktop SenseView 

    The Desktop SenseView continues its breakthrough technology with its 
included DVI port, making it simple to connect any flat-screen television or 
new computer.  The new enhanced version offers a sleek design, and the improved 
image quality makes it one of the best desktop CCTVs in its class.  It's 
stylish, simplistic design makes using the Desktop SenseView a breeze.  Regain 
your independence, and be able to read books, medicine bottle, newspapers, 
magazines, and even look at photos of your friends and family.  Stay up-to-date 
with your bills by using the Desktop SenseView to read your mail and bank 
statements.  With the ease of use of the Desktop SenseView, simply take it out 
of the box, connect the cables, and begin to enjoy viewing life all over again! 

    Free Upgrade for all Desktop SenseView Customers 

    As continued appreciation to all of our current Desktop SenseView 
customers, all customers who currently own a Desktop SenseView in the U.S. will 
be receiving a brand new replacement Desktop SenseView!  These are not used or 
demo units, but brand new units that will replace the existing Desktop 
SenseView units.  All current Desktop SenseView customers in the U.S. will be 
upgraded over the next few months.  Stay tuned for more details. 

    SenseView Warranty 

    In addition to releasing the new Desktop SenseView, GW Micro continues its 
on-going commitment to provide our customers with excellence in customer 
service and support.  To this end, we are pleased to announce that the warranty 
period has been extended by one year on all low vision products.  The Portable 
SenseViews now come with a two year warranty and the warranty on the Desktop 
SenseView is now three years.  Now you have one more reason to choose GW Micro 
for your CCTV needs. 

    BOOKSENSE 2.1 

    You asked for it, and we have listened.  GW Micro is proud to announce the 
brand new release of BookSense 2.1.  The BookSense now supports content from 
SAMNet, such as audio described movies, television shows, and more.  SAMNet is 
a subscription service.  For more details and to sign up, go to 

    BookSense 2.1 also adds full support for NFB Newsline In Your Pocket.  Now 
you can use the BookSense to play your favorite newspaper or magazine.  For 
more details, visit http://www.nfbnewsonline.org. 

    The new, free upgrade also adds different tones for marks, and the ability 
to switch from text to audio or from audio to text while reading a DAISY book; 
making DAISY playback more simplified. 

    In an attempt to make it easier to learn, the manual has again been 
updated, and this time, it includes specific examples on how to use Audible, 
RFB&D, as well as NLS. 

    There are many other enhancements to the BookSense.  Get the firmware today 
by going to http://www.gwmicro.com/booksense.  

    For more information on all of our products, check out 
http://www.gwmicro.com, email us at support@xxxxxxxxxxx, or call us at (260) 

    The GW Micro Team 

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