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FYI, read below.

Joe Plummer (JP)
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I just uploaded BGZ podcast #45 moments ago discussing BGZ radio. I've also
updated the website as well and will be updating it more this weekend with

I'm not sure what you are expecting BGZ radio to be but it's not going to
really be what you said in your post here. It's going to start out as a way
for me to have interactive bgz podcasts. I'll probably stream some things
from AccessibleWorld and anyone else interested in contributing materials.
This will not be a 24/7 kind of thing as I'm only 1 person and simply can't
do that at this time. But hopefully people will enjoy it and contribute to
it and it will grow as time passes.


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Subject: [BlindGeekZone] "BGZ Radio Estimations"

We the BGZ list members are interested to hear from Rick about the
anticipated Blind Geek Zone Radio, what are the most common appraisals of
I guess it will cover essentially the global concept of our adaptive
technologies, but it would be nicely if it's considered the reconstructive
aspect and how to understand about blindness, particularly in the regular
publican society, well:
Congratulations Rick, and we wish it to be commence excellently as I and all
of us expect.
I' am glad of this tremendous sophisticated audiovisual broadcast at the
blind geek zone, and just can't wait to observe it's inception.
You Rick may arrange a brief talk which tells all about it.

On 9/16/10, Mario Eiland <eilandms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:eilandms%40insightbb.com> > wrote:
> Hello,
> I down loaded this media player, but I cannot play my DVD's with it. 
> It says it's playing, but I hear no audio. I even looked at the audio 
> preferences and the boxes are all checked accordingly. Any ideas as to 
> what may be happening? I am running it on a Home Premium Windows Vista 
> quad core Sound Blaster Game Stream sound card machine.
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> From: chris hallsworth
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> Sent: Saturday, September 11, 2010 4:19 PM
> Subject: [BlindGeekZone] Excellent DVD Player!
> Hello all!
> Want an accessible DVD and media player? Look no further than VLC 
> Media Player! You can select what part of the DVD you want to play 
> simply by using the VLC Media Player menus. No inaccessible DVD menu 
> to navigate; just select what you want from the user interface. You 
> can even select an audio described track if you have one.
> You can download this free and open source program from 
> www.videolan.org. It even works with Windows 7 so you don't have to 
> use Windows Media Player, which is good but does not have an 
> accessible DVD player.
> Enjoy!
> --
> From Chris H in Derbyshire
> Please check out my blog at http://chrishallsworth.klangoblog.net. 
> Many thanks.
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Best Regards

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