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My name is Dustin Adams, I am a PhD student at UC Santa Cruz in Computer
Science working with Professor Sri Kurniawan in the Interactive Systems for
Individuals with Special Needs Lab. Your contact information came from a
study that was done with Professors Sri Kurniawan and Roberto Manduchi
titled Walking Accidents. I am recruiting people to take part in a user
study that aims to give more information about how people who are blind
organize photographs using an iPhone app that I developed called VizSnap.
The nature of the user study will last 3 months, will require a Skype
meeting between yourself and myself once every two weeks, and will require
you to take 5 photos with your iPhone every 2 days. If you decide that you
would like to take part in this user study, the only requirements will be
that you own an iPhone, and that you are willing to take photos in your
day-to-day life using VizSnap. If you decide to take part in this user
study, you will be given a $10 Amazon gift
card every two weeks for the 3 months of the user study. Thanks a lot for
making it this far in the email, and please keep reading to find out more
details about the user study!
A little bit of information about VizSnap, it is targeted to assist people
who are blind to take photos and organize their photos into a photo album.
The app works by recording audio while the user is aiming their camera, then
when the user snaps a photo, the user is given the option to record a voice
memo. The point of the voice memo is to give a piece of custom information
to the photo to help with locating it later on. Time, date, and location is
also taken automatically by the app when the photo is taken. Finally, when
browsing through photos, the user is able to hear the audio that was
recorded when the photo was taken, hear (via VoiceOver) the time, date, and
location the photo was taken. The user has the option to send the photo via
email, or post the photo to facebook. By default, the photo album is
organized by date.
I would like your help in asking that you use VizSnap for three months,
meeting with me once every 2 weeks on Skype, and answering a short
questionnaire about how the usage of the app is going during each meeting,
as well as gathering your photos and audio recordings from your iPhone,
which will be kept confidential, and analyzed only by myself. The photos,
time, date, location, and audio of the photos will be analyzed to help
develop a deeper understanding of how people who are blind organize and use
photos. All information related to the photos and your identity will be kept
absolutely confidential.
Thank you very much for your time and I hope that you consider taking part
with this user study. Please respond no later than Tuesday November 25, 2015
if you are interested in taking part in this user study.
To read about the instructions for using VizSnap, please visit this link:
To read the test plan for the user study, please visit this link:

Dustin Adams
PhD Candidate, Department of Computer Science University of California,
Santa Cruz duwadams@xxxxxxxx

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