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Any chance showing this in APril at the lighthouse.

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> Hi Lynn,
> I have one of the units if you want to give me a call.
> Robert
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> Wow! I sure would like to demo one of these. Thank you for posting.
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> GW Micro Releases New Vocatex Plus
> Jan-26-2012
> Fort Wayne, Indiana (January 26, 2012) - GW Micro, Inc. (www.gwmicro.com) is 
> proud to announce the next major revolution in CCTV technology.  Last March, 
> GW Micro announced the first-ever talking CCTVs: the Orabis and the Vocatex 
> Plus.  These innovative solutions revolutionized the CCTV market, and      
> the latest version of GW Micro's Vocatex Plus is transforming the CCTV market 
> yet again.
> The Vocatex Plus already has the unique capability to recognize and speak 
> text, as well as highlight each word as it is spoken on a live image using 
> its patented technology.  The previous version of the Vocatex Plus required 
> the user to press a button each time they wanted a new column of text to be 
> spoken or after the user adjusted the magnification of the image.    The new 
> Vocatex Plus is much more dynamic enabling the user to start text 
> recognition, move or enlarge the text under the screen, and the Vocatex Plus 
> will automatically recognize the new text and continue reading the live image 
> while highlighting each word as it speaks.
> "This is incredible technology that we could only dream of until now," said 
> Dan Weirich, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for GW Micro.  "While 
> these were the first-ever talking CCTVs, we are now taking yet another huge 
> step forward in CCTV technology."  
> Other CCTV manufacturers have been unable to develop a comparable solution  
> and are still attempting to produce a talking CCTV with a live image, but 
> this incredible functionality is already possible with the Orabis and Vocatex 
> Plus.  The Vocatex Plus comes with your choice of a 26-inch, 32-inch, or 
> 37-inch HDTV monitor.  These display options help make the new Vocatex Plus 
> the most advanced talking CCTV as well as a multimedia center for your 
> favorite HD content including TV, Blu-ray and Netflix.  For customers who 
> already have large screen HDTVs with an HDMI connection, the Vocatex Plus may 
> be purchased without a monitor.
> You can see the new features of the Vocatex Plus talking CCTV in action at 
> www.gwmicro.com/lowvision. 
> GW Micro has been a trusted pioneer in the adaptive technology industry since 
> 1990, and continues to lead with innovative, customer driven solutions.
> Contact:
> Dan Weirich, VP of Sales and Marketing
> dan@xxxxxxxxxxx
> (260) 489-3671
> ###

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